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Theoretically the law cannot be biased in accordance with gender, race, religion, ethnicity, social/economic status and so forth; in reality it depends upon the judge. In "perfect" courts a sitting judge would not allow personal experiences or prejudices to have a bearing on adjudication. In the majority of instances this holds true, but unfortunately there are those judges who abuse judicial power to further their personal agenda. Generally both persons in a dissolution of marriage procedure will receive equal consideration. Nevertheless, in many cases, at least one of the participants will believe the decision(s) rendered were biased.

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Q: Are divorce courts biased towards one sex?
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What does biased mean?

Leaning or turning towards one side.

Is society biased towards one gender more than another?

Yes.Yes it is.

How does one get a divorce in California?

A divorce in California is achieved by first filing for a divorce. This can be done by going personally to court or by visiting the California Courts website.

Which courts handle divorce?

The courts that handle divorce differ depending on the location. In most states in the U. S. , state courts have a Family and Juvenile Law section. Sometimes this section is located within the local courthouse and other times it is located elsewhere. This section is the one that handles divorce cases.

What does one sided mean on an answer on Wikianswers?

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Is Down syndrome a gender-specific condition?

No, Down syndrome is not biased towards one gender against another.

Where can one find out about Arizona divorce law?

Law Help provides a detailed Frequently Asked Questions page that deals with divorce law. Divorce Source has a page that gives information about divorce for each state. The Arizona Courts website also gives information regarding divorce in that state.

Where can one find a divorce lawyer in New York?

There are many places where one can find a divorce lawyer in New York. One can check sites such as NY Courts and FindLaw. Alternatively, once can check related forums on the topic.

Your husband filed for divorce can decline it?

Unfortunately, no. If one party to a marriage wants to get a divorce, then it will be granted with or without the consent of the other party. Courts simply will not enforce a situation where it is no longer working for some. You have the right to contest the divorce but declining the divorce will not stop the procedure from happening.

Can any married couple get a divorce in Las Vegas?

In order to obtain a divorce in Vegas, one of the parties must have established residency there. All appropriate paperwork must be filed with the courts as well.

What does having biased groups mean?

It means having groups of people that have a common interest and are influenced by those interests. Poor people are biased towards shopping for lower prices. Rich people are biased toward spending more and living a better life. In politics, biased groups can be Hispanics, blacks, Democrats, Republicans, women, Jewish people, etc. Each one is presumed to be biased towards their own particular group. For instance, the group of black people were biased to vote for the only black man to run for president. The bias of the group influenced them to vote for him because he was black, not because he would be a good president.

What is an impartial person?

Someone who is not biased towards one side or the other. An example would be a court judge who looks at the evidence only in determing who is right.

If your wife had filed for her divorce before your marriage but it hadn't been to court till after your marriage is she guilty of bigmay?

I assume you are saying that one wife filed for divorce and you have married someone else? If the divorce from the first wife has not been finalized and granted by the courts, you are still legally married to the first one and YOU are the bigamist.

What three courts specialize in only one type of case?

1. Divorce court 2. Maintenance court 3. Claims court

Can you get a divorce in VA if you were married in Florida?

Yes you can. It doesn't matter one iota where in the US you were married. As long as you are a legal resident of VA, you can file in the courts there.

What does biased mean in this sentence How is this source biased?

It means one-sided, not objective.

If you were married in one state but had children with husband in another in a divorce does that mean you have to stay in the current state if you want custody of kids?

Yes, unless ruled on by the courts.

Do you need to file for divorce if married in Jamaica live in us never filed marriage with clerk of courts?

Did you get a marriage certificate? If you got one then yes.. welcome to the club.. you have to get divorced

Can Catholics be forced to divorce in UK?

To the best of my knowledge, I know of nowhere in the civilized world where anybody would be "forced" to divorce.AnswerCouples will never be "forced" to divorce, but if one party to the marriage successfully seeks a divorce through the relevant courts, then the marriage is deemed to be terminated and both parties are therefore divorced, even if one of them wishes to remain married.

Where can one find reliable information about linksys wcg200 online?

You can look at their website for technical and correct information, this information might be a little biased towards their product, as they are trying to get you to buy one, but legally they cannot outright lie about their product. Another place you could try is Bestbuy or any other retailers that sell the product, they wouldn't be as biased as linksys.

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If one says that a website, book or article is biased, one means that it is one-sided and not objective.

How does one become a respondent in a divorce case?

One can become a respondent in a divorce case when their partner files for a divorce. The one who files the divorce is the petitioner and the other partner is the respondent.

Where online can one go to get online divorce papers?

There are many places online where one can go to get divorce papers. One can get divorce papers online at popular on the web sources such as Divorce Writer and 3 Step Divorce.