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While cat fleas (Ctenocephalides felis) and dog fleas (Ctenocephalides cannis) are two different species, most of the fleas found on dogs are actually cat fleas.

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Q: Are dog fleas and cat fleas the same?
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Do cats and dogs have the same fleas?

No, cat fleas and dog fleas are two different species.Cat fleas can also affect dogs, but dog fleas do not affect cats.Cat Flea: Ctenocephalides FelisDog Flea: Ctenocephalides canis

Flea bites from a cat?

Fleas on a cat are probably either dog fleas or cat fleas (these are two different species, but despite the name, either can survive on either a dog or cat ... or for that matter on other mammals). Both of them can and will bite humans.

Could my grandma's dog have made my cat sick?

yes as if the cat is alergic to the dog or the dog has unearthed magistic fleas then it will put cheak them out unearthed magistic fleas may kill eather the cat or dog.

Can fleas kill a dog?

Fleas can kill a dog or cat if they are not treated for this or are wild living with other animals that can get fleas. So if any of your pets has fleas treat it right away

Can cat fleas infect humans?

they can the fleas off of my dog and cat get on my dad, they just irritate the skin unless your allergic to them then its worse

Can you get fleas from a friends house?

yes if they have a dog or a cat or any other animal with fur that has fleas

Are grass fleas and dog fleas the same thing?


How do you kill fleas on your dog and cat?

use flea killer

Can sugar gliders get fleas?

Due to their fur type, it is unlikely that they will get fleas. However, if you have a cat or dog with fleas, the fleas can end up on the sugar glider.

Can cat fleas live on humans?

Unfortunately, yes they can. So can dog fleas and rat fleas. Fleas are not that particular. Ticks also cross species lines.

How do you treat fleas on your rabbit?

First figure out where your rabbit got fleas and get the dog/cat that gave it to them away from your rabbit. Treat with cat flea powder.

Do cat fleas like only cats?

No, a flea is a flea. There is no "cat flea" or "dog flea". Its just a flea and its just as likely to get a cat or dog.

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Do cats and dogs have the same fleas?

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