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not even a little bit wow what a stupid question

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Is keeping dogs in Islam allowed?

No, keeping dogs in Islam is not allowed...............

Are dogs allowed in water?

Yes dogs are defiantly allowed in water....

Why are dogs allowed in french restaurants?

Dogs are not allowed in restaurants or stores in France, except for guide dogs.

Are dogs allowed in Costco?

No, dogs are not allowed in Costco stores unless they are seeing eye dogs or other trained service dogs.

Are dogs allowed in fantasy island in skegness?

No dogs or animals of any kind allowed!!

Are dogs allowed on the beach in Hull MA?

Dogs are allowed on the beach most of the year, but NOT in summer.

Are dogs a allowed to have popcorn?

My dogs are allowed to have popcorn, but only a little bit. Not too much!

Are dogs allowed in redondo beach?

yes, dogs are allowed on redondo beach as long as they are on a leash

Are dogs allowed on the beach in wildwood NJ?

No, dogs are not allowed on the beach :(

Are dogs allowed at oaks park Portland?

Yes. Well behaved, leashed dogs are allowed.

Are dogs allowed in Blackpool pleasure beach?

dogs are not a allowed in blackpool becues it get something on it boby

How many service dogs allowed in Arizona?

There is no limit to the number of service dogs allowed in an area.

Is there dogs allowed in the mall?

Service dogs are allowed in, but if not a service dog check to see if there is a sign that says "no dogs allowed unless if it is a service dog" if not maybe you can let dogs in but just in case always ask a employee.

Are dogs allowed to eat cheetoes?

My dogs get cheetos when only if the are well behaved for the dogsitter and they don't seem bothered by them.

How many dogs are allowed in one household in Florida?

in Hillsborough county,how many dogs allowed in household ?

Are dogs allowed at Great America?

I dont think so i only think service dogs are allowed

How many dogs are you allowed to own in Celebration FL?

You are allowed to own four dogs and breeding is not permitted.

How many pages in no dogs allowed the book?

There are 214 pages in the book "No Dogs Allowed" by Bill Wallace.

What does 1000rr mean for in Honda motorcyles?

Race Ready

Should dogs be allowed in schools?

Dogs should only be allowed in schools if they are registered service dogs. The school would need to make accommodations for other children's phobias and allergies which would make it impractical for all dogs to be allowed.

Are dogs allowed in cathedrals?


Are dogs allowed to have a chestnut?


Are you allowed dogs on Port Dover beach?

Dogs are not allowed in Port Dover Beach, for the sake of public health.

What is the most number of dogs you're allowed to have in the Iditarod?

Up to 46 dogs are allowed in the race on one team.

Are guide dogs allowed anywhere?

Yes, guide dogs are allowed almost anywhere, pets are the ones the arent.