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Are dogs related to foxes?


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Dogs ARE Related to FoxesYes, they are both in the same family, and if you don't remember the orders of classification, it's KINGDOM, PHYLUM, CLASS, ORDER, FAMILY, GENUS, SPECIES.

Except---Dogs cannot interbreed with foxes as they can with wolves and coyotes.

Dogs, wolves, coyotes and jackals are "Canis", foxes are "Vulpes".


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Foxes are canids and related distantly to dogs.

foxes and dogs are more closely related.

they have adapted from grey wolfs like all dogs. so they are related to dogs

Yes, foxes belong to the same family of Canidae as do domestic dogs.

Yes foxes are related to dogs.

Dogs are related to wolves, foxes, coyotes, jackals, dingoes, raccoon dogs and a number of other species.

In my sense foxes are more on the dog side

dogs,coyotes,jackles, and foxes

Foxes, wolves, and coyotes, jackals.

They aren't related much, it just happens that dogs were domesticated from wolves, and wolves are in the same family as foxes, although dogs are "Canis" and foxes are "Vulpes". Dogs will not behave like foxes, they behave like wolves.

In addition to dogs wolves are closely related to coyotes, dingos, and jackals. More distantly they are also related to foxes.

dogs and foxes are related because they are in the canine family or also know as: the dog family, just like how cats and lions are related to each other because they are in the cat family.

i dont know, but i have heard that if there were to be any animal such as a half cat half dog it would have been the fox. This part was posted by Max:(hi cameron!) foxes and dogs both suck the end. Actually, I heard that sometimes foxes can eat, would that mean there related? Cats are more related to foxes

No. Hedgehogs and dogs (canines) are completely different species. Hedgehogs are in the Erinaceidae family while dogs are in the Canidae family. Hedgehogs are related to moles and shrews. Dogs are related to wolves and foxes.

Some breeds of dog (such as the Chihuahua) are derived from foxes, rather than wolves.

Foxes are canines, so they are related to dogs, wolves, coyotes and jackals.

No, foxes avoid dogs, especially larger dogs.

do dogs with bad intention get along with foxes

Arctic foxes are canines - dogs.

Foxes are Related to Dogs.Foxis a common name for many species of omnivorous mammals belonging to the Canidae family.Canidae means Canine, Which is what Dogs are.And Foxes do not show the relation of the Cat Family.Unlike dogs, Cats can pull in their claws.Dogs cannot pull in their claws.

Foxes are canines - related to dogs. However, some foxes, such as the gray fox, also share feline traits such as retractable claws.

No, foxes are incompatible. Foxes are "Vulpes" wolves, coyotes, jackals and dogs are "Canis"

Because foxes are as big as some dogs and foxes have ears like cats.

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