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Are dogs related to lions?


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no dogs are not related to lions lions are cats and dogs are canines

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it is cats and lions because lions are in the cat family and cats and dogs hate each other apart from some cats like dogs but that is very rare

Canines and Felines are two different species. They are not related genetically. So cats are related to Big Cats (wild). Dogs are more related to wolves.

Yes, but at a far, far distance. Both are vertebrates, mammals, and carnivores.

I'm not absolutely sure, but I'd say cats and lions, since they are from the same family (Felidae).

lions,dogs, and chickens lions,dogs, and chickens

No, lions do not fear dogs because they do not think of them as an animal that is a threat to them.

Hyenas are related to cats right? Wrong. I think they are related to dogs. It's just like lions. Scientists think lions are related to cats, but can they climb? No. Do they meow? No. ( Yes, other wild cats can meow.) Hyenas look like dogs, act like them, bark like them, and howl and hunt like them. There is no way hyenas are cats.

dogs and foxes are related because they are in the canine family or also know as: the dog family, just like how cats and lions are related to each other because they are in the cat family.

No, dogs belong to the canine family and lions to the feline family

Both are mammals, both are quadrupeds, and both are carnivores. So yes, they're related, but only VERY distantly.

They are distantly related. African lions are from the genus panthera and mountain lions from the genus puma. Both belong to the family felidae - the cats.

Tigers and lions. Cougars are related to the smaller cats more than the big cats.

Lions and tigers are in the same genus - panthera. The cougar is in the genus puma.

no plants and dogs are not related dogs are mammals

Today's most closely related animals to lions are tigers, leopards and jaguars

Chinese Dogs of Fo or Buddhist lions

lions eat dogs and dogs eat meat such as chickens

no dogs and leopards are not related

No, because they are too different. Only animals that are closely related (such as Tigers and Lions) can cross-breed. no they can not because there molicules are different

All dogs are related to gsd All dogs are related to gsd

Lions belong to the same genus as the tiger, leopard, snow leopard and jaguar,

All the other species from the Panthera genus are closlely related to lions: tigers, leopards, snow leopards and jaguars.

yes cats and dogs are related

Horses are in no way related to dogs

yes all cats , lions , tigres are all related there one big cat family

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