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Are dogs smart?

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Dogs do possess some intelligence, which is evidently shown by the number of dogs trained to perform certain tasks for us humans. Service dogs, police dogs, shepherding dogs, sled dogs etc etc.

None of that would have been possible unless there's a mind there to work with.

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Are poodles smart dogs?

yes poodles are capable of being smart dogs. all dogs are capable of being very smart or mildly smart

Are little dogs as smart as large dogs?


Are beagles smart dogs?

No, they are incredibly stupid. Just kidding, yes beagles are smart dogs.

How smart are labradors?

labradors are preatty smart dogs. They make a great companian and are great guide dogs.

Are shepherd dogs smart?

Smart as a ten year old.

Are dogs the smartest animal in the world?

No. dogs are smart but they are not the smartest.

Where can one view videos of smart dogs?

There are many places where one could view videos of smart dogs. The best places to view videos of smart dogs are websites like Youtube, Vimeo, and Viddler.

R dogs smart?

YUP! theyre smart and super cute. Dogs rule cats suck eggs.♪

Why is the great Pyrenees not in the top 100 smart dogs?

why is the great Spell check your answer pyrenees not in the top 100 smart dogs

Does dogs trust set SMART objectives?

using the smart acronym you can produce smart objectives

Are American cocker spaniels smart dogs?

Cocker spaniels are smart

Are African wild dogs smart?

Yes they are smart and intellegent animals

Are police dogs smart?


How are dogs easy to train?

some dogs can be already trained or smart

Are dogs the fourth smartest animal?

I'm not sure but any animal can be smart if they are trained and they learn quickly. But dogs are really smart.

Which animal is smart and lazy?

Dogs can be smart and lazy. Some fish can be too.

Are shih tzu dogs smart?

they are very smart and very playful too.

Why are German Shepherds so smart?

they are so smart because they are police dogs.

How smart are Dachshund?

they are really smart dogs... I think they should be number 1!

What is a smart and small breed of dogs?

Well the Jack Russel is very smart! ^-^

What are the release dates for Four Smart Dogs - 1937?

Four Smart Dogs - 1937 was released on: USA: 14 October 1937

How dogs smart dogs help people?

Smart dogs usually are just here to be with us. There are "smarter" dogs, but it's not like we can tell by taking tests that their brain is bigger and smarter. We have our smart dogs who can do tricks, some don't. Bigger dogs that are smart can be good guide dogs. Dogs help people by being our loving companion. If we provide them a home, they will provide us with love. With also helps our stress levels go down. They help us by giving us love and sometimes providing us services such as guard dogs, etc.

Are service dogs smart?

Yes, service dogs are very smart. Guide dogs even display intelligent disobedience when they disobey a command because it would endanger their human partner.

How do dogs think?

dogs are smart creatures but people have not found out how they think yet.

Is the German Shepherd a smart breed of dog?

Yes they are very smart dogs. German shepherds are used for many things such as drug dogs, police dogs, seeing eye dogs, guard \ watch dogs, and etc. German shepherds are great dogs they are loving, protective, and amazing dogs.