Are donuts vegan?


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Yes, so long as they are fried in vegetable oil.

Make sure the donuts are made without using eggs or dairy products.

Nutrilicious brand donuts are vegan.

Dunkin donuts offers vegan donuts.

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Depending on the donut, the donuts at Dunkin Donuts may contain milk or eggs. A list of ingredients in each donut can be found at the related link below - ------------------------------------------------ My answer: I checked the allergen chart from their website 2 years ago and found that every single donut from Dunkin contain at least one of these three ingredients: milk, eggs and lard. Therefore, none of their donuts are vegan.

Vegans eat all sorts of vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and mushrooms.Note that some plant-based foods such as white sugar may be processed with animal products, so vegans are careful to be informed.Familiar vegan foods include vegan burgers, french fries, donuts, casseroles, stews, vegan sausages. vegan 'mac and cheese, pizza with vegan cheese', burritos, chili, lasagne with vegan cheese; vegan cookies, cakes, and pancakes, dairy-free ice cream, vegan cheesecake, etc.A vegan is a person who does not eat or use animal products. This includes using leather (belts, footwear, etc). A vegan diet comprises all kinds of fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds, beans and pulse.Uh, vegetables.

many types of donuts are glazed , donuts with sprinkles , chocolate donuts , cinnamon donuts, vanilla donuts and more

* Falafel - Lebanese, Greek * Onion bhajees (Indian) - make sure they don't use ghee. * Chips, Potato friitters, Mushrooms, Vegan veggie spring rolls, Donuts. Make sure the take-out place frys their food in vegetable oil. Chinese is always a good bet for vegan take out. Buddha's delight. :)

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I think donuts are cake what about you ? No ,donuts aren't cakes because donuts are fried while cakes are baked.

YES, Donuts are made from wheat, but there are gluten free donuts out there.

donuts are made out of dough and they probably have a thing with nuts in them

Yeast donuts are baked, cake donuts are fried in oil.

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No, but there are vegan alternatives.

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Eggs and honey are not vegan but are vegetarian. Vegetarian- not mean. Vegan- not from an animal. Fish is not vegan.

Depends how much the donuts at dunkin donuts are...How much are they?

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Dunkn Donuts sells double glazed donuts. Dunkin Donuts also sells other flavors and varieties of donuts as well, such as maple glazed, donut holes, and etc.

"Vegan" in French is "végétalien." If you want to say "I am a vegan" you would say: "Je suis végétalien."

Donut HoleDonut,DonutSweetStop Donuts*your name's* DonutsYumYum DonutsSmile Donuts.

Barked donuts do not taste as great as fried donuts but they are healthier than fried donuts given the fact that they are not as greasy and oily as fried ones.

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