Are donuts vegetarian

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Yes...donuts don't have meat in them.

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Q: Are donuts vegetarian
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Are Crispy Creme donuts vegetarian?


What are many types of donuts?

many types of donuts are glazed , donuts with sprinkles , chocolate donuts , cinnamon donuts, vanilla donuts and more

How many donuts does Dunkin' Donuts sell?

a thousand donuts

If you bought 40 donuts at Dunkin' Donuts how much would it cost?

Depends how much the donuts at dunkin donuts are...How much are they?

Does Dunkin' Donuts sell double glazed donuts?

Dunkn Donuts sells double glazed donuts. Dunkin Donuts also sells other flavors and varieties of donuts as well, such as maple glazed, donut holes, and etc.

Is gluten in donuts?

YES, Donuts are made from wheat, but there are gluten free donuts out there.

Why are donuts called donuts?

donuts are made out of dough and they probably have a thing with nuts in them

Are donuts baked?

Yeast donuts are baked, cake donuts are fried in oil.

Is a donut heterogenous or homogeneous?

Donuts are heterogeneous.

How are baked donuts made compared to fried donuts?

Barked donuts do not taste as great as fried donuts but they are healthier than fried donuts given the fact that they are not as greasy and oily as fried ones.

Are donuts cake?

I think donuts are cake what about you ? No ,donuts aren't cakes because donuts are fried while cakes are baked.

Where are donuts made for dunkin' donuts?

Well they sure are not made at the store where you buy them any longer. An obvious case of the bean counters making marketing decisions for a product they neither use, or appreciate. My best guess is that Dunkin Donuts are made in the factory that used to make the Yugo, and are then shipped by a team of giant snails to your local dunkin dumbnut repository.

What are some types of donuts?

Glazed Donuts, Cake Donuts, Chocolate Iced Donuts, Vanilla Iced Donuts, Boston Creme, Bavarian Creme, Jelly Filled, icing filled. Just to name a few

Can squirrels eat donuts?

they can eat donuts.....they like donuts...they look cute eating donuts...but i wouldn't give them only donuts to eat...much better if they ate nuts and seeds....but once in a while probably won't hurt them....

How do you say donuts in German?


What are the Dunkin Donuts known for?


You like donuts?

i LOVE donuts.

Are donuts good for you?

no donuts are bad for you

Round rock donuts carries one of the biggest donuts in the country What is it called?

Texas Donuts

Is zaheer khan vegetarian or non vegetarian?


Do donuts contain vitamins?

there is not vitamins in donuts

Does Dunkin Donuts have sugar free donuts?


Why do cops get free donuts?

They do not get free donuts.

Do cops get free donuts?

They do not get free donuts.

Is Shahrukh khan vegetarian?

No, Shahrukh is not Vegetarian No, Shahrukh is not Vegetarian