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Like any army the Dutch are well trained but when it comes down to it the British and American armies have incredibly strong war machines, I mean we have the best missiles, most nuclear weapons, bigger aircraft carriers, better tanks, machine guns, training, ect. The American army can only really be challenged by the Russians or North Korea.

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Q: Are dutch troopers and marine's better than the usmc or sbs?
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Is female marines better than male marines?


Who is better Police or Marines?

Police they are better trained, also the swat team is more trained than marines!

Is the marines smart choose?

Are the marines a smart choice.Listen, buddy, if you spell like that I think that school will be a better choice than the marines.

Is the marines or th navy better?

The Marines are a specialized group that is with the Navy of the U.S., How could one be better than the other? They both do the best at what their job entails.

Who is better in recon Navy or Marines on land?

Considering that the marines are always the first to respond, they may be considered better in recon then the navy in general. However, the navy SEAL's may be considered better than the marines in genreal since the SEAL's are special ops.

Who is better the Navy or Marines?

the usmc and the usn are not in competition with each other. Neither is better than the other. They serve two different duties but serve for the same results. You cannot say one is better than the other. But did you know, the marines is part of the Navy?

Is the marines better to go into than the army?

well it depends on if you want to be worked harder..if you join the Marines they have a very tough boot camp that will stretch you to your limits..the Army does still have a hard boot camp but they are not a rigorous as the Marines

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Can you join the marines if you are skinny?

Probably better skinny than obese. In most cases they can cure the problem.

How do you tell your girlfriend you are joining the Marines?

Just be honest and tell her, better you than some one else.

Why did the dutch come to north America?

To make money and to have better land to live in than Europe.

How is the Army better than Marines?

In terms of advantages the Army has over the Marines, it's a far larger force with traditionally more up-to-date equipment (although the Marines have gotten better about this), and includes some niche role units, including the ability to deploy an entire division anywhere in the world within 18 hours (although this requires Air Force aircraft).

Who is better a spetznaz or a marine?

The Russian Spetznaz are a special forces group comparable to the Army Rangers. It would be expected that the Spetznaz would perform better in what is asked of them than the US Marines.

How do you say 'your English is better than your Dutch' in Dutch?

Jouw Engels is beter dan jouw Nederlands. or formal -> Uw Engels is beter dan uw Nederlands.

How do you say save in Dutch?

If you save a game than is save 'opslaan' in Dutch. If someone saved you than is save 'redden' in Dutch.

Is the marines better then the army?

Im really an army fan but if i jumed off a cliff would you! No really depends on what you like. It depends on what u want the army is more of an air force and the marines are mare navy they both get about the same training the army definitely has more career choices than the marines do

What nicknames Marines don't like to be called?

"Jarhead" and "Gyrine" are less than favorite nicknames for marines.

Is Army MP better than Marine MP?

hell no the army is fine but the soldiers in the army compare nothing to the best out their the marines no matter what the mos is.

Are the rangers better than marines?

only marine recon and navy seals are better than a normal marine watch any training video. One time I saw a ranger who was afraid to walk on a 10 foot balance beam.

Is it harder to join the army or the marines?

It's harder to join the Marines. They have much higher standards than the Army.

How did Britain gain its empire?

I think it was through trade and how they wanted to have bigger and better empires than those of the Spanish, French and Dutch!

Why did Bill Arnsparger join the Marines?

He didn't have a choice - born in 1926, he was 18 in 1943, during WWII. He either voluntarily joined the Marines rather than be drafted, or was drafted into the Marines.

Do the Dutch women work more than the Dutch men?

No... I wish they did tho...

What percent of US citizens are US Marines?

Less than 2% of the Americans are in US Marines. Once a Marine always a Marine.

Are space marines better than tau?

All races are the same only with different strengths and weaknesses. Tau are more effective with range weaponry but have terrible close combat. But kroot units can help out Space marines are as good at everything, but not specialized like other races are.