Are earthquakes common in the Saomoan islands?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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How often do meteorites hit Earth

The adjustments of materials that follow a major earthquake often generate smaller earthquakes called

Most earthquakes are produced by the rapid release of which kind of energy stored in rock subjected to great forces

If the mass of one of the objects diubles what is the new force they excert on each other

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Q: Are earthquakes common in the Saomoan islands?
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Where was Oscar kightley born?

If you are talking about actor Oscar Vai To'elau Kightley, he was born in the Saomoan islands, which are off of New Zealand.

Is there evidance that the volcanoes and earthquakes are common in coasts and islands along the edges of the pacific ocean?


Does Islands have earthquakes?


Are volcanic islands caused by earthquakes?

It is more accurate to say that the process that creates volcanic islands also produces earthquakes.

Does the hawaiian islands have earthquakes?


Are there earthquakes in Hawaiian islands?


Does the Caribbean islands have earthquakes?

yes of course

Why do Southeast Asia's large islands experience frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions?

They have frequent earthquakes because other countries have earthquakes then waves from that flow to islands creating an earthquake. The earthquake then triggers a volcano.

Where in Canada do you think earthquakes are common?

I think in Vancouver earthquakes are common in Canada.

Which country has 400 islands and is prone to volcanoes and earthquakes?


How are islands and ridge valleys similar?

They are both caused by earthquakes

Are the Hawaiian islands made from earthquakes?

No, the creative process is by volcanic activity. Landforms can be altered by earthquakes as well as erosion.