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Unless the garage was as cold as a refrigerator, the eggs should probably be tossed out.

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Q: Are eggs that have been left in the garage for 36 hours still good to eat?
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What will the mother duck do if only 1 egg hatches?

The mother is on 9 eggs and 1 baby has been alive for at least 20 hours but the mother is still sitting on the baby and the eggs. Will she leave soon??

How can you still eat eggs safety?

make sure they have not been recalled.

If the chicken eggs were at room temp for a couple hours can it still hatch in an incubator if it is fertilized?

yes it can

Can you still eat a fried egg after a few hours?

NO! Bacteria in cooked eggs grows quickly!

Your hen has one chick but still has two eggs that are not yet hatched will taking the chick away make her sit on the eggs?

if shes been off the eggs for more than six hours there dead anyway but to answer your question, no once shes off she will probably stay off.

Your hen hatched 3 eggs on Tuesday but there is still 2 eggs left unhatched she is still sat on them should you leave them?

yes it might of been at a later time :-)

50 eggs were left outside in below zero temps. Can you still use eggs that have been accidentally frozen in their shell?


Are frozen eggs safe to eat?

Frozen eggs are still ediable. But the taste may be aweful, and the proteins have been damaged by low temperature

When a wild female quail laid many eggs in a potted container on a patio She has not been there for 2 days Can the eggs still be hatched?

well no the eggs need warmth and protection.

What is a yard egg?

We call eggs we find out in the farmyard "Yard eggs" These eggs have been "dropped" by a hen unable to get to a nesting box and sometimes overlooked when gathering eggs. They can still be good but must be float tested to ensure theyhave not been in the yard for a number of days.

If you have put 6 fertilized eggs under your broody hen and she sat on them fine for the first night first day second night then she got off the eggs to return in 8 hours will they still hatch?

I doubt it. Not if she left for 8 hours.

Part 1 Can you still produce eggs after a hysterectomy if you still have your ovaries. Can you then use those eggs for invitro How long after your hysterectomy are your ovaries still producing eggs.?

You will still produce eggs after a hysterectomy until your body goes through menopause. The eggs are still viable the regardless of the hysterectomy.

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