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Oh yes. Girls think erections are totally sexy.


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No, there are no nude beaches in Dubai.

That's Europe, France is the most common place to find the nude beaches.

Yes there is. Nude beaches are beaches where nudity is allowed and legal in that area only. To know when you are entering a nude beach there will be a sign saying,"Clothing Optional Beyond This Point." There is a big hint.

It depends what you mean by that... Many beaches have black sand and many have white... Hope this helps. Sorry if it doesn't. Also, you can have sandy beaches and stone/pebble beaches. Nude beaches and non-nude beaches.

No, but there is no laws about nudity in Spain, but you can go to certain beaches nude, or beaches that might have nude sections.

Absolutely! While spanish children under the age of 5 run around nude and the majority of the women go to the beach topless, there are nude beaches in Spain.

No. In New Jersey there are no legal Nude Beaches. Although there are some illegal nude beaches but if you get caught you get a large fine and up to 30 days in prison for public Nudity.

Nude massages are mostly common on beaches. I reccommend nude massages; they're very relaxing.

NUDE BEACHES IN EUROPE! Here is the biggest map of nude Beaches in Europe. Search "Google Earth Community" in Google. Log in, Its free. Go to "Travel Information" Use the "Search " option on the top of the screen. Search for "Nude beaches", or "Nude beaches in Europe". Normally the post "Nude beaches in Europe" will pop up on the first site. Open the post. Download the KML/KMZ file to your computer. You need to download "Google Earth" to run it. Start "Google Earth" Use File, Open and Browse for the file you download. It is not much information, but you have almost exact position of the nude beach or camping ground, and you will find lot of information in the surrounding area like bars, hotels, distances etc. This is excellent for your Holiday planning. Please give feedback to the person posting the file in Google Community forum. Enjoy. Have a nice holiday on a nude paradise. WARNING: This is not Textile beaches or Topless beaches. This is Mixed /(Textile,Topless, Nude) and clean nude beaches. 99 % of the beaches are free for everyone to visit. Only few need a membership.

There are nude beaches, yes

No. There are no beaches in Madrid.

there are no specific public nude beaches in the Dominican Republic. There are a couple nude hotels casa roma and caribe caliente. It is illegal to appear in public nude, the major hotels do allow topless bathing as this is a cultural thing of thier European guests

Depends on the beach. In Europe there are more nude beaches than in the United States. The United States has some nude beaches but you have to check to be sure the one your are on is one. This is a great way to get arrested if you aren't on a nude beach.

Not officially but being topless in Red Sea resorts and hotels beaches is not prohibited though.

There are nude beaches all around the World. Try asking your question again and add; in England, in Spain, in USA. Or wherever you are thinking. Some of these places may already be answered.

It is not socially acceptable to be nude however in some areas the women are not required to wear bras or shirts and subsequently showing their nipples. In nudist colonies, being nude is socially acceptable. If you do not see the issue in beng nude and wish to be nude in normal life, you should consider living in one of those areas.

No, there are no nude beaches in Puerto Rico. You may find a beach way out of the way to do some nude sunbathing, but if you are caught you may face criminal charges as the island is pretty conservative when it comes to actual nudity... (not many thongs either)

Yes. Most beaches in Denmark and all beaches in Norway are clothing optional. It should not be confused with topless/topfree beaches.

A nude beach is a beach where the local law (or sometimes local custom) allows people to go nude, so long as they stay at the beach. There are nude beaches in many countries all over the world.

im pretty sure theres one in Romania

yes ofcourse there is in neamaa bay

no but u can be topless for bath or for sun block massage

The word nudity translated to Swedish is nakenhet. There are many nude beaches in Sweden such as Ågesta Nude Beach in Stockholm or Smitska Udden Nude Beach in Gothenburg.

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