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No thay are not braces .

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โˆ™ 2009-05-16 17:00:55
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Q: Are expanders braces
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What does a orthodonists do?

Specilized dental work such as braces, expanders, retainers and dentiars

What is a orthidontist?

it is a person that fixes your teeth that puts braces on you and expanders spacers and more.

Do braces and expanders hurt more?

Expander a are painless except you talk a bit funny and feel you have less space for your tongue. It's braces that hurts for the first week.

What are action expanders?

Action expanders help you organize your sentences. There are 5 groups of action expanders which are how,where, why, when, and condition

What are expanders for?

To move your jaw

What actors and actresses appeared in Expanders - 2007?

The cast of Expanders - 2007 includes: Dustin Reyna as Himself - Host

Do expanders make you talk weird?


What do you do if your expanders are making your top teeth move right?

contact a dentist. probably because a side of your expanders are loose. you might feel blisters on your cheek.

Are port expanders made for a specific type of computer?


What are other devices that work with with computers?

port expanders

Do teeth expanders hurt?

Expander pain may vary depending on weather or not you have a bonded or a removable. Removable expanders can hurt when you have to "activate" them in the morning. It adds pressure, but after 3 weeks or so you should be used to it. Bonded expanders hurt ALOT on the first day you get it. Since it required no "activations" the pressure is constantly the same. Bonded expanders are best for making permanent results. But they both work.

How do dentist put on expanders?

They put glue on the expander and stick it on.

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