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Are fake beyblades powerful?

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no they dont even work

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Are Beyblades Japanese or Chinese?

original beyblades are from japan but most fake ones are from china

Can fake beyblades work on real rippers?

no. it would not work.

Are beyblades at Toys R Us real or fake?

Yes they are

Are indias Beyblade fake?

No they are not at all fake they are original. The ones found in Japan are also original but they are more costly than the indian beyblades because they are a little hi-tech than the indian beyblades. Thank you.

What Beyblades are illegal?

No, it's not illegal. Bey blade is just a toy. (Unless if you are selling fake bey blades.)

What are the most powerful Beyblades?

meto el drago, pegasus, flame libra, earth virgo, earth eagle

Are beyblades cool?

Of Course! Beyblades are the best!

What is better rubix's cube or Beyblades?


Is the ms Beyblades the best Beyblades to buy?

4D beyblades are some of the best beyblades released. However, unless you live near South Korea, you must buy them off Amazon or Ebay.

Where can you buy old Beyblades?

where can i buy old beyblades like dragoon

How old is beyblades?

Beyblades have been around since July, 1999.

How many Beyblades are in the world?

no buddy knows how many beyblades are in the world

How many Beyblades have metal tips?

All the Metal series Beyblades do.

How many Beyblades are there altogether?

There is up to 58 beyblades altogether in the collection

Are hybrid wheel beyblades fake or real?

yes, they are real. for example: storm pegasus has a hybrid wheel, because it says "hybrid wheel" on the energy ring.

Do Beyblades have real powers in real life?

No Beyblades do not have real powers in real life but you can do tricks with it by launching the beyblades in different angles and heights.

Are there beyblades in Dubai?

yes there are beyblades in Dubai just look for them good luck!

Are there voice controlled Beyblades?

yes there are voice controlled beyblades in the markits of punjab

How many beyblades are there?

there is infinity beyblades in the world. There are also infinity beyblade in the movie.

Are the legend Beyblade fake?

No, legend beyblades are hasbros remake of the Japanese metal wheel systems like from pegasis to cyber pegasus, Leone to counter Leone, ETC

Where to buy Beyblades in Bangkok?

I dont really know where to buy BeyBlades but I did buy some of my BeyBlades around Bankok just keep looking at every shop

Are Beyblades a sport?


Is tt hongli Beyblades real?

no way, they are 100% fake. They have odd pieces that look similar but are illegal to use. On there boxes they have their logo and not takara's or hasbro's. They break easily too so its just a waste of money. For more information go to youtube and search up how to tell real beyblades from fakes ones.

Where are Beyblades sold in stores?

Not much are found in stores but there are some beyblades sold in different goodwills

What shops still sell Beyblades?

comics n stuff 2 japaneese series beyblades for about $5

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