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Maybe. Workman's Compensation Insurance is controlled by the laws of the state in which you reside. Not all states ofer the same coverage, the majority do have Survivor benefits. Check the laws governing WCI in your state. or contact the State Labor Relations board.

The key is whether or not the heart attack was 'arising out of employment/in the course of employment'.

In plainer language, did his work 'cause' the heart attack?

That can be a very tricky one, because there is rarely a heart attack that did not have precipitating Heart disease, either caused by OR at least exacerbated by diet, lifestyle, genetics and medical history.

However, dependent on the state, it is quite possible that the WC laws will indicate that coverage may be extended when work duties, or even work environment, exacerbates or accelerates an existing injury or illness.

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Q: Are family members eligible for any Workman's Compensation benefits when a worker dies from a heart attack while on the job?
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