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Are fish carnivores?


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April 21, 2010 9:24PM

There are all 3 types. Carnivorous fish also fall under piscivores (fish eating animals).

Those who keep planted tanks should obviously avoid herbivorous fish or those who eat live plants eg. headstanders, silver dollar, scat, distichodus, leporinus, goldfish, butterfly goodeid, pacu, prochilodus, silver shark, tinfoil barb, severum, some African cichlids, plecos. Some fish will eat any kind of plants, while others may prefer certain types like fine-leaved ones. Many of the fish mentioned above will grow to quite a large size.

For carnivorous or predatory fish (eg. wolf fish, many larger catfish, arowanas, snakehead, bichir, piranha etc), some people feed them feeder fish but others give them worms & other live food or stuff like beef heart so as to not encourage them to snack on tankmates. But I think you really can't prevent natural behavior.

While omnivorous fish will usually leave live fish alone, any dead fish will be quickly stripped to the bone. Even cute looking fish like panda corydoras join in the feast. This may help to explain many missing fish mysteries that are reported in the morning (skeletons of small fish like tetras can be almost invisible).