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Q: Are football sizes all the same in high school?
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Is a high school football the same size as an NFL football?


Is a college football and high school football the same size?


Who would win in a fight between a high school wrestler and a high school football player that are the same size?

The football player!

Are a junior football and high school football the same?

no becous junior belongs to the feeders teams while high school football belongs to the main team

What is the size for a high school football?

same size as an ncaa regulation football

Is an NFL football the same size of an high school football field?

no nflsis bigger

Is a NFL football field bigger than a high school football field?

No. Same dimensions

What is bigger high school football field or NFL football field?

They Are the same both 100 yards

What are the positions on a high school football team. And how do they line up on the field?

same as pro football

Is there a difference between a football used in high school and a football used in college?

yes, college and nfl footballs are the same size, but high school footballs have their own size

Are all goal post the same in high school college and pro football?


Which football is easiest to punt a high school size football an nfl size or a college size?

They are all the same size

Are college and pro football the same size?

no they are different sizes

What size are the cleats on football cleats?

The sizes are the same as any shoe.

What are the football positions for a middle school football?

All of the same as in pro football

What is the safest helmet made for high school football?

well im a high school player and my mom and i had the same question so we did some research and we came across this study by Virginia tech.

How much does the average shot put weigh in high school boys competition?

12 lbs., but though the weight is the same they can come in different sizes.

Is middle school the same as junior high?

Junior high and middle school are the same thing some people call it junior high and some people call it middle school. Since some people call high school senior high they call middle school junior high. This may be kind of confusing but middle school and junior high are the same thing just as senior high and high school are the same thing.

How much larger is an NFL football compared to an NCAA football?

All footballs that are high school, college, and NFL level are the same. There is no physical difference besides the look of the ball.

What is the shortest time between touchdowns scored by the same player in high school football history?

35 seconds your welcome anytime

Middle School Football Positions?

The same as pro

Do they film high school musical 2 at the same high school they did in high school musical 1?

I guess the answer is yes.

What does a boy wear in high school?

what he wore in middle school. Not the SAME same but same style.

Where does or will Luke Benward go to school for high school?

Burbank high he goes to the same school I go to

Is junior high and high school the same thing?

No. Junior High School is the outdated term for what is now known as :MIDDLE SCHOOL.