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Are fuel lines usually hard to get off?


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2015-07-16 18:58:00
2015-07-16 18:58:00

This duckbill thing... oftentimes a metal clip inside will be damaged. If it is extremely difficult to remove, you may need to mangle the clip somewhat to remove it and install a new clip. Note that a new clip typically costs about 50 cents or so, whereas reusing a damaged clip can cost a fire.

New fuel lines will seem hard to remove. Most new lines use either a hairpin or duckbill fitting. The duckbill requires a special tool that can be purchased at your auto parts store. There is a tool for the hairpin fitting but most can be removed with needle nosed pliers and/or a standard screwdriver. I usually suggest visiting a dealer repair shop and asking to be shown by a mechanic how the fittings work. A hairpin fitting is a plastic piece over the fuel line while the duckbill is a bell shaped aluminum end that fits over the fuel pump or fuel filter.

It really depends on where you mean and other factors such as where you live. Northern areas can be rough.


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The clamps on the fuel lines can be cut off with a pliers.The clamps on the fuel lines can be cut off with a pliers.

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There is no fuel cut off switch on a Zafira. Usually it is usually programmed into the ECU which usually shut the electric fuel pump off in the event it is needed.

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Attached to the fuel lines that come off the fuel distributor. Follow the lines towards the head. Hope this helps.

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There is no fuel shut off on the vehicle, but as long as the key is off no more fuel will be pumped out of the tank. If you are changing the fuel filter only what is in the lines will run out. If the fuel pump is a problem pull the fuse.

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