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This duckbill thing... oftentimes a metal clip inside will be damaged. If it is extremely difficult to remove, you may need to mangle the clip somewhat to remove it and install a new clip. Note that a new clip typically costs about 50 cents or so, whereas reusing a damaged clip can cost a fire.

New fuel lines will seem hard to remove. Most new lines use either a hairpin or duckbill fitting. The duckbill requires a special tool that can be purchased at your auto parts store. There is a tool for the hairpin fitting but most can be removed with needle nosed pliers and/or a standard screwdriver. I usually suggest visiting a dealer repair shop and asking to be shown by a mechanic how the fittings work. A hairpin fitting is a plastic piece over the fuel line while the duckbill is a bell shaped aluminum end that fits over the fuel pump or fuel filter.

It really depends on where you mean and other factors such as where you live. Northern areas can be rough.

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Q: Are fuel lines usually hard to get off?
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What special tool is needed to remove fuel filter from Dodge Sprinter 2009 Mercedes engine?

The clamps on the fuel lines can be cut off with a pliers.The clamps on the fuel lines can be cut off with a pliers.

Where is fuel cut off switch on a zafira?

There is no fuel cut off switch on a Zafira. Usually it is usually programmed into the ECU which usually shut the electric fuel pump off in the event it is needed.

Are the fuel Lines Pressurized when a vehicle is off a Ford F150?

Fuel injected ones are

Where is Fuel pressure injector located on a 1990 Mercedes 300E?

Attached to the fuel lines that come off the fuel distributor. Follow the lines towards the head. Hope this helps.

How do you shut off the fuel in a avalanche?

There is no fuel shut off on the vehicle, but as long as the key is off no more fuel will be pumped out of the tank. If you are changing the fuel filter only what is in the lines will run out. If the fuel pump is a problem pull the fuse.

How do you relieve the pressure in the fuel lines to change the fuel filter on a 1999 Chevy suburban 1500?

with the ignition switch OFF, break the fuel lines loose slowly. there may be some fuel leak out, but that is normal.

How do you change a fuel pump and filter on a 1991 grand prix?

well if you can do this. you have to drop the fuel tank off of the car, and on top of the tank is the are some lines ,their is a nut turn that and the fuel pump is hooked the line's. PS. the fuel in front of the fuel tank under the car. If this is to hard to take it to a service center.

Where is the fuel pump on a 1993 GMC truck?

Pull the bed off then disconnect fuel lines and then take off fuel pump locking ring and it shud come rite out,

How do you drain the fuel from a 1978 Kawasaki KZ650?

First turn your gas switch off, then pull your fuel lines from ports connected to tank. then simple pour the gas into a desired container, and reconnect fuel lines.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1986 Dodge Van?

right below the alternator , follow the fuel lines off of the frame.

What fuel problem would make the car shut off in gear?

perhaps a dirty/old fuel pump, and/or dirty fuel injectors? fuel pressure? blocked fuel lines?

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1997 Jaguar XK8 convertible?

Take off the left rear wheel. At the back of the wheel well you'll see a bump-stop that keeps the suspension from hitting the frame on hard bumps. Up behind the bump-stop you'll see two hard metal tubes. Those are the fuel lines. Follow the lines forward and you'll see the fuel filter. It's way back there and hard to see. It's even harder to change, but it's doable.

How do you time diesel pump on case tractor?

First off you have to know what kind of pump it a rotary, where the fuel lines are in a circle out the back of it or an in-line where the fuel lines come out the top.

Your tank has 4 lines 2 goes to the fuel pump Where does the other 2 lines go?

One is a vent line And the other goes to the purge canaster. i only have two lines coming off my fuel tank on an olds delta 88 1993 do both have fuel filters

How do you change fuel pump on a 1992 f150 pu?

you have to take the gas tank off it is in the fuel tank follow your fuel lines in to the tank unplug the fuel lines an the power connection to it there will be a lock ring around it take it off by turning it then take the pump up out of tank pull the pump off the fuel gage part of it put new one in put back together the same way you took it apart

Where is the fuel filter on a Fuel injected 1988 Honda Prelude?

mounted to the firewall just off center on the passenger side at manifold height. follow the fuel lines!

How do you release pressure in the fuel lines on a 2003 Chevy Suburban?

Take off the gas cap.

Is the flute a hard insrument to play?

for me it wasnt that hard however, you have to be good at blowing well (hard but not too much) and able to read high notes (the ones off the lines, way off)

How do you remove gas lines off the fuel pump on a 1992 lebaron?

I just removed fuel lines from a fuel pump on a 1995 Lebaron and they had a plastic ring that I pushed into the fitting on the end of the fuel line and then pulled the fuel line off the pump stem. There is a page at Autozone's web site that I found helpful. It is Hope this is helpful.

How do you switch fuel tanks on a semi truck?

You don't. The fuel system draws from both tanks concurrently. If you wanted it to draw from just one tank, you'd have to disconnect the fuel lines from the tank you didn't want to draw from and cap the lines off.

Which way do you turn the wrench to take off the fuel filter?

Righty tighty, lefty loosey. This still aplies to the metal lines at the fuel filter.

Where is the fuel filter in a Peugeot 306?

its under the bonnet, lift the engine cover off if its thereand its the round cilinder thing with fuel lines going into it

How do you change fuel pump 1970 buick sklark?

Undo lines remove two bolts and its off.

Where is Mercedes sprinter fuel cut off switch?

The Mercedes Sprinter fuel cut off switch is found under the hood just like in any other car. Look near the fuel lines, it will be close to that part of the car.

Do you need to somehow depressurize the fuel system on a 1993 s-10 blazer to replace the fuel filter?

to depressurerize the system you would simply take off the gas cap.(fuel will still be in the lines and it will spill when the lines are disconected but it would not be under pressure)