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all gerbils i have had were so cute and nice and they never once bit me! my hamster bit me all the time though and he slept all day and hated to be picked up. so if u are buying one of these get a gerbil.

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Are guinea pigs nicer than gerbils?

Yes guinea pigs are nicer . gerbils are aggresive and a guinea pig is friendly with u

Are hamsters bigger than gerbils?

There about the same size but if hamsters eat more than gerbils then the hamster will be alot bigger

What is the difference between gerbils and hamsters?

Hamsters have shorter tails than gerbils and have different behavior characteristics and are slightly bigger.

Is hamsters bigger than gerbil?

some hamsters are bigger then gerbils e.g. syrian hamsters.

Should will com in your hand more hamsters or gerbils?

I think gerbils will more often because they are more curious than hamsters.

How are Hamsters and Gerbils alike and different?

Gerbils have longer tails than hamsters and hamsters are more nocturnal They both are rodents. They both like to chew, and that's all I can think of.

Are guine pigs nicer than hamsters?

Well guinea pigs can interact more with their owners than hamsters do so I guess guinea pigs have more of a relationship with their owners than hamsters do but it doesnt neccessarily mean they are nicer

Are gerbils friendlier than hamsters?

Gerbils are way easier to train than hamsters. They thrive for food, and will do anything to get some. Gerbils, however, aren't affectionate. They don't bond with their owners just because the owner is nice to them. They want food, and even with what they want, they will not truly be "loving." Hamsters can bond with owners, though training them is difficult. They will lick you when they are happy with you and satisfied. Hamsters are probably friendlier than gerbils.

Are gerbils same thing as hamsters?

No, hamsters and gerbils are not the same thing. Gerbils are usually bigger and need a different size cage. Hamsters have cheek pouches, hamsters are nocturnal, hamsters fight other hamsters, hamsters have only a stub for a tail.

What is the difference in appearance between guinea pigs hamsters and gerbils?

hamsters have been smaller than guinea pigs and gerbils look like squirrels but smaller

Are male or female hamsters nicer and why?

Male hamsters are way better because female hamsters tend to bite more than male hamsters

Are hamsters and gerbils in the same family?

Yes, gerbils and hamsters both come from the rodent family

Do gerbils have feathers?

no gerbils don't have feathers, they have fur

Do gerbils have food pouches?

No, they do not, that is an adaptation specific to hamsters, not gerbils.

How much do gerbils cost at petco?

Hamsters:6$ Gerbils:11$

Do hamsters bite more than gerbils?

I would say that both could bite, and both have sharp teeth, but, often, hamsters can get scared more easily than gerbils, and gerbils are social animals, so they usually like to be handled a lot, while hamsters would hide in their nest/burrow all day and want to be alone (they are solitary). I believe more likely hamsters would bite.

Do gerbils pee more than hamsters?

Depends on the amount of beer each has consumed

Can gerbils and hamsters mate and have babies?

no they cant gerbils are different to hamster so no

Which animals poo more hamsters or gerbils?

gerbils. especially Ginnie pigs!

What are some kinds of rodents?

* squirrels * mice * rats * gerbils * hamsters * beaver * gopher * guinea pigs * porcupines* squirrels * mice * rats * gerbils * hamsters * beaver * gopher * guinea pigs * porcupines* squirrels * mice * rats * gerbils * hamsters * beaver * gopher * guinea pigs * porcupines* squirrels * mice * rats * gerbils * hamsters * beaver * gopher * guinea pigs * porcupines* squirrels * mice * rats * gerbils * hamsters * beaver * gopher * guinea pigs * porcupines* squirrels * mice * rats * gerbils * hamsters * beaver * gopher * guinea pigs * porcupines

Which is nicer black bear hamsters or teddy bear hamsters?

Well, black bear hamsters were bred from teddies to be nicer, but every hamster is different. I'd say they are about the same....

What animal bites more hamsters or gerbils?

In my experiance, hamsters bite more than gerbils. Over the past 6 years, I've had two pairs of gerbils. All four of them nipped sometimes, but never really hard unless you provoce them to bite hard (like uncarefuly handling them). Hamsters on the other hand, can bite harder.

Are hamsters the best pet ever?

No gerbils are!! Though hamsters are quite cute!

Can hamsters and gerbils eat corn husk?

Hamstrs yes but I'm not sure about gerbils

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