Are ghosts real?

This is a subject that cannot be answered by anyone within an acceptable degree of factual accuracy. Just as with any debate on theology, the lack of irrefutable proof positive cannot conclusively be interpreted as proof negative.

Just as with theological debates also, the sheer weight of feeling and faith that such questions evoke makes an objective analysis of evidence almost impossible- there are simply too many differences of opinion, and everybody is guilty to some degree of defying logic (whether consciously or not) in order to maintain our selves against what we might perceive as an assault upon our intellect or deductive capacity

If the question is "do the spirits of dead people walk the Earth" or "are inexplicable ghosts the spirits of dead people", the answer is simply "nobody knows for sure"; this is the theological aspect of the question that cannot currently be answered with authority; all conclusions are opinion.

Do we limit ourselves with above questions? Surely the many tales of ghosts wearing clothes, riding horse-drawn carriages, carrying lanterns and other objects, or wearing glasses would seem to suggest that inanimate objects have a soul too.

Perhaps there is a mundane (if currently unknown) but perfectly scientifically acceptable explanation for all phenomena? Perhaps there is some peculiar mechanism by which events might somehow be imprinted on a certain place by energies unknown? Perhaps the souls of the dead truly do visit us...

The only thing we know for sure is that the evidence is entirely ambiguous.

Pretty much all photographic evidence can be summarily dismissed; if not a flaw in the recording medium, a fault in the imaging device, or operator error, it is just as likely to be counterfeit. No method exists by which a photographic 'ghost' can be authenticated as proof of ambulatory spirits in the living world. If we ignore the paranormal and look at it legally, photographic evidence is no longer considered irrefutable in any courtroom in the civilised world, but only complimentary to a body of otherwise irrefutable evidence.

Anecdotal evidence of ghosts, just as with anything communicated by personal account, is subject to the integrity, fallibility, or sanity of the one relating the tale; it is second-hand information, and cannot be given any more credit than one would give to any third-party assertion without accompanying substantiation; you don't sit up all night with a shot gun when your child tells you there are monsters under their bed, regardless how much you trust the source, do you?

Video evidence simply does not exist. Not one piece of video evidence has ever been produced that cannot be explained, dismissed as mundane (if not wholly explicable), or categorically shown as fake. Just as with photographic evidence, too, video evidence has lost legal credibility in an age when even a child can edit a video clip with the right software.

Last, but not least, as there is no scientific consensus on what constitutes a bona fide 'spirit', no amount of pseudo-scientific rubbish involving temperature gauges and electro-magnetometers can be considered anything more than curious entertainment. If you saw it on a television show, particularly with a bunch of screaming people running around in the dark with their cameras pointed at the floor, then it does not even deserve consideration, scientifically or otherwise.

Again, however, none of this *disproves* the existence of ghosts in any way, just as an empty parking spot does not disprove the ownership of a car - it simply still remains to be seen if ghosts, whatever their nature, can be proved real by reproducible and scientifically appropriate methods.

The short answer is "unanswerable".
yes there is one behind you right now.......

had to look didn't you.

No reliable, verifiable evidence of ghosts has ever been observed.

no. there si no such thing as ghosts. for ghosts to exist, there must exist a non perallel universe, which isn't true.

That is an opinion. There might be such a thing as a ghost. Nobody can really be sure.

Yes ghost are really real. They can not harm you, because they are just a spirt. So if you see one, don't be scared because they won't harm you at all. I have seen one. And yes... they are real.
Recent scientific studies lean toward specific 'energy' when studying paranormal activity.