Are girls better at martial arts?

It is more a function of drive and motivation than it is of the sex of the practitioner.

As an instructor, I have found that, in general, girls are better students up to about the time that they hit puberty and then things even out. They have better attention spans and are more likely to follow directions. Boys are too motivated by the fun and games and being macho than listening to the instructor, so that girls tend to get promoted much faster.

Other Opinions

  • Well Martial Arts are systems of codified practices and traditions of training for combat. Men are bigger and stronger than women and thus better at combat. So men are better at martial arts.
  • Although it's true that, for the most part, men are bigger and stronger than women, most of my female students have progressed faster than my male students. Although they may not have the same physical strength as their male classmates, they more than make up for it with better flexability and faster reflexes.
  • It depends on the student. Boys are generally stronger and have more endurance, while girls have more flexibility. I am pretty sure boys have better reflexes as well. However, girls are more likely to follow directions.

Girls tend to be better at martial arts techniques because they aren't as strong as guys so they learn how to use their whole body and technique to overcome the obstacles they face.

As shining example of woman outfighting all male opponents in one movie is of course Tura Satana in Russ Meyer's "Faster, Pussycat, Kill! Kill!". She's of mixed Japanese-Filipino-Cheyenne descent and shared her interest in the Martial Arts with none other than Elvis Presley, who once proposed to her.