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No glitches are not considered as cheating. It is generally a natural process and out of control. So it is not at all considered as cheating.

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How do you perform Pokemon glitches?

Pokémon glitches can be performed many ways. In the early games, no cheating device was required for most glitches, but in more recent games, the programmers have been cracking down on glitches.

Why do call of duty black ops patch glitches?

2 mak th game fun and they dont like hacking or cheating Being caught using glitches on the PS3 or being reported for using them is grounds for being banned for cheating.

If your boyfriend calls a girl baby is that considered cheating?

No that is not considered as cheating. If that was considered as cheating it will break most of the relationships. Boys do that naturally sometimes without any wrong motives.

In the Catholic church is cheating considered abandonment?

What sort of cheating? Cheating in a card game, or sexual cheating in a marriage?

Is it still considered cheating if you have a girlfriend and a boyfriend?

If you have a girlfriend and a boyfriend, then you are cheating on both of them.

Are there any new glitches for Mafia Wars since August 29th 2008?

Since that time Mafia Wars has made cheating harder to do and you aren't supposed to be able able to cheat other then filling out reward offers that have glitches.

Is making out with a girl considered cheating?

Yes, any kind of physical contact(other then a friendly hug or pat on the tush) is considered cheating.

Is telling people what to study for considered cheating?

No telling people what to study is not cheating at all. It is just that you are helping them out in a task. This is definitely not cheating.

Is cheating in school out of control?

Yes cheating in a school is considered as out of control. This is because cheating is not allowed in schools. IF one cheats that person breaks the rules.Yes cheating in a school is considered as being out of control . One should not cheat because it is bad . One should not do bad things.

Is using drugs in sports cheating?

Yes, if you use performance enhancing drugs, it is considered cheating.

Is a kiss on the cheek considered cheating?

If it's just a friendly kiss then no, but if you think of them as more then just a friend and kiss them then I would think it's considered cheating.

Is it cheating if you constantly have dreams of your husband cheating on you?

i think you are worrying to much about your husband cheating if you are having dreams. But whatever your dreams, it is not considered cheating, i think you need to trust him more, and relax.

Is it considered cheating if you are married and kiss another woman?

Legally, merely kissing is not considered adultery, so in that limited sense it's not cheating. Practically and morally, you are cheating. Is it not a violation of trust? Or is your sife okay with you and another woman in a liplock?

Is cheating a sin?

Yes cheating is considered a sin. Cheating on a test or to any other person is a sin because by cheating you are being dishonest. Being dishonest is just like lying. And lying is a sin.

What is the last password in funbrain arcade?

this is considered cheating but its DROOL8

Is going out with your ex considered cheating?

No. Not unless you or your ex is in a relationship.

Why are steroids not allowed in sports?

It would be considered cheating, i guess

Your fiance thinks that it is a joke and flirting to text another female and ask her when can he hit that and to send him a sexy pic you think it is cheating?

It is not a joke at all and it is considered cheating because hypothetically he's not sending it to his fiance so it is considered cheating. THAT IS ALSO CHEATING BECAUSE HE'S SENDING IT TO ANOTHER FEMALE INSTEAD OF HIS WOMEN.

How do you glitch on RuneScape?

Do not abuse glitches on runescape, because i think when you brake rule 4 - cheating/bug abuse you get a permanent ban, so don't even try it. If you find a glitch, report it to jagex immediatly. Do not abuse glitches on runescape, because i think when you brake rule 4 - cheating/bug abuse you get a permanent ban, so don't even try it. If you find a glitch, report it to jagex immediatly.

Is talking to other women on the computer cheating?

Define talking. but if you mean like talking generously like how was work and this woman is your friend then its not cheating. but if your talking about you no what the yes it is considered cheating.

Is there any glitches in RuneScape?

There were emote glitches which were soon fixed by JaGex. There are RuneScape Bugs but not glitches.

Is saying my feelings for you will never change to an ex considered cheating?

no he/she could mean feelings as a friend or feelings that you can't provide....its not cheating.

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