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Zelda Le Grange (Mr. Nelson Mandela's Personal Assistant) reported that they are indeed related. Grace Mugabe and Zanele Mbeki could be cousins???

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Q: Are grace mugabe and thabo mbeki related?
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Are Thabo Mbeki and Robert Mogabe related?

Thabo Mbeki and Robert Mugabe are not related. Mbeki served as the 2nd President of South Africa, and Mugabe, as of September 2014, is the President of Zimbabwe.

What religion is Thabo Mbeki?

Thabo Mbeki is a Christian.

Who is Thabo Mbeki?

Thabo Mbeki is the former President of South Africa

When was Thabo Mbeki born?

Thabo Mbeki was born on June 18, 1942.

What is Thabo Mbeki's birthday?

Thabo Mbeki was born on June 18, 1942.

Who are thabo mbeki's children?

Thabo Mbeki has one child, whose name is Monwabise Kwanda Mbeki. Thabo Mbekimarried his wife in 1974. Her name is Zanele.

Who is Thabo Mbeki's Children?

Thabo Mbeki only had one son, Kwanda Mbeki, who disappeared in South Africa in 1981.

Who is Okadigbo Mbeki?

kwanda mbeki son of thabo mbeki

How old is Thabo Mbeki?

Thabo Mbeki is 69 years old (birthdate: June 18, 1942).

What was thabo mbeki's sons name?

Kwanda mbeki

How did Thabo Mbeki become the president of South Africa?

Former President Thabo Mvuyelwa Mbeki was elected into office through the national general elections.

How many children does thabo mbeki have?


Who is nelson mandelas disciple?

thabo mbeki

Does thabo mbeki have children?

THABO MBEKI HAD A SON BUT HIS SON WAS KILLED IN THE 90's but he and his wife dint have any children never had of any children of his except his son.

How did Thabo Mbeki make an impact on others?

People like to identify Thabo Mbeki as an independent and original thinker, but now who remains close to the more visible leadership

Is Thabo Mbeki gay?

i do nt think so

Does Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka have a child with Thabo Mbeki?


Second South African president?

Thabo Mbeki

Does tabo mbeki have children?

It is Thabo Mbeki and yes he did have one Son who went missing in the 80's

Who is the second black president of south Africa?

Thabo Mbeki.

What award did Thabo Mbeki receive?

good brother award

What is the name of Mandela successor?

Thabo Mbeki

How many emails does thabo mbeki sent when he was a president?


How long was Thabo Mbeki president of south Africa for?

Ten years

Who was President of South Africa after Mandela?

Thabo Mbeki was the president after Mandela.