Are green parakeets males

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No. In parakeets the color of the feathers is not how to tell the sex of a bird. The area where the birds nostrils are is how you tell the sex of a parakeet. If this area is a greenish or blueish it is a male. If this area is a light tan or pinkish it is a female.

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Q: Are green parakeets males
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Are green parakeets noisy?

Yes But it really doesn't really matter what color parakeet it is. (The gender might matter because males can be a bit more aggressive than females) But it really depends on the parakeets personality!

What colors do parakeets come in?

parakeets come in green blue yellow white

Are green parakeets meaner than parakeets of any other color?

yes and no one of my green parakeets killed one ather and if you only have one bird its friendlyer

How many color combinations are there for parakeets?

Parakeets are usually blue,green,and a few more colors

Can you put two male parakeets into a cage with two female parakeets?

No because the two males might fight over witch female they get

Can parakeets pee be green?

Well i have parakeets and ive never seen that. But there poop is the brown and sometimes green part. There pee is the white part in the middle.

Is it true that green parakeets are meaner than any other color of parakeets?

There is nothing about parakeets' color that relates to their personality. It is how they are raised and tamed that matters!

What are all colors parakeets can be?

blue and white or green and yellow

What are all the colors parakeets can be?

blue and white or green and yellow

How did parakeets grow?

because green birds (a type of parrot) where kept in captivity until grown into parakeets/budgies/budgerigar.

How big are ringneck parakeets?

Ringneck parakeets are a middle size parrot, their tail grows up to 30cm and they get a ring around their neck at about 2 years old only males.

How do you tell male from female on parakeets?

By there noses. A males nose is blue. A female is pink or a light peach

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