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According to IUCN Red list they are endangered.


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There are 2,000 Grevy Zebras living today

The Cape Zebra was almost hunted to extinction, but some survive. Grevys Zebra in endangered. Plains Zebras are numerous, but are being reduced by hunting

The mountain Zebra is classed as vunerable. Grevys are endangered

Zebras are not endangered people i mean come on

Yes zebras were endangered in the past

Zebras are endangered because of poaching and habitat destruction.

The Mountain Zebras are endangered, there are only 2,500 left in the world.

Are Donkeys And Zebras Endangered /

no there are millions of them so they are not endangered.

The reason why Cape Mountain zebras are endangered is because of ranching and farming....... there are about 600-700 left in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!

they adapt to their ecosystem

After the French president Jules Grevy

As of 2014, zebras are in no danger of becoming extinct. They are not even considered endangered at this time.

they graze on the things that are alraedy there

i don't know how long they have been endangered but if someone knows please answer my question

because of habitat loss and hunting

they are still living and i am 10 and i know that

Greveys and Moutain zebras are endangered while all others are fine with the exception of the Quagga, an extinct subspecies.

The most common place to find zebras are east and south Africa but they are critically endangered too

Both yes and no. Mankind hunt zebras for the decoration of their skin, but nowadays we know better. A lot of poaching is going on, of course, but many kinds of zebras are protected in national parks and nature reserves. Not all zebras are endangered.

The Grevy's Zebra and the Mountain Zebra are both endangered. But the Quatta Zebra has already become extinct in the 1800's.

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