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That would depend, I grew up with a vinyl pool. A simple 20 by 40 rectangular pool that was 8 ft deep and 3.5 ft deep. The vinyl was nice as growing up with a house full of boys and their friends we would rough house in the pool quite often. Football, Wrestling, tag, etc... When having you face pushed into the bottom of the pool, or knees, with vinyl I never got the dredded craps that I got at my uncles Gunite pool. Just swimming around I would get bloody toes at my uncles. You do learn to be gentle in the gunite pools. As far as lasting, the first pool liner lasted 25 years before we had to replace it. We took very good car of the pool year round. I live in the Seattle area and even with freezing winters the liner lasted well beyond the expected time. Our second liner didn't last as long, about two years, as our colt that was being weaned from it mother some how got out of its fenced area and opened the gate to the pool. Decided to go swimming and they have hard feet if you have ever had one step on you. When he fell in the pool he punched several holes in the liner as the bottom of the pool as mostly sand except for the deep end that had concrete pad. So if you plan on having horses swim in the pool you may want to get a gunite rather than vinyl liner, But I personally like the liner and so did all my friends while I was growing up. More input from FAQ Farmers: * That would depend on the builder and the care, but the cost of repair is only a small % in vinyl compared to gunite.. * I would agree with the first answer. While gunnite pools seem to have a little more "prestige" (at least where I live), I wouldn't have any other than a vinyl pool. It is so much softer on your feet and you don't have to brush it that first year like you do the gunnite. It was a little less money to build and I think that when the liner needs to be replaced, it is a lot less expensive than re-surfacing a gunnite pool. The vinyl pools can be built to look just as nice as the gunnite pools as well.

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Q: Are gunite or vinyl swimming pools better?
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Where can I find information on an gunite pool?

Swimming pool types include above-ground pools, fiberglass pools, vinyl-lined, gunite and poured-concrete pools. Learn the pros and cons of each type of pool.

Are there any swimming pool companies in the country building vinyl pools with gunite walls?

I have looked and have not found any so far

What exactly does fiberglass swimming pool mean?

The in-ground pools are prefabricated. The bodies are made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic. This is an alternative to vinyl-lined, gunite and poured concrete pools.

Is a vinyl pool or a gunite pool better for someone who lives an area with cold winters and is diabetic so protecting your feet is a major issue?

In the frost belt Vinyl is better..Gunite is one of the strongest pools but when it freezes it can crack.. I agree. Vinyl is better and it will feel so soft and smooth on your feet.

Is a gunite pool or vinyl liner pool better?

Gunite is a type of cement mix used in the walls of the pool, whereas a vinyl lining is just a layer on the walls, generally used for waterproofing purposes. So, either of them will do, but my personal opinion is that using a lining is always better (hence vinyl lined pools are very common in England and other countries)

We have an old Dream Pool The walls are wooden with a vinyl liner Pool was empty for a year and the walls started to collapse I need a new pool and would like some insight what kind to insta?

Wood wall pools will often deteriorate faster than traditional galganized steel wall vinyl pools. Vinyl pools are the most economical where as concrete pools tend to be more luxurious. If you want to see a side by side comparison of all different types of swimming pools you can choose from at which is an article comparing the purchasing quality of: -Vinyl liner abover ground pools -Vinyl liner in ground pools -Concrete or gunite in ground pools -Fibreglass pools

Is a gunite or vinyl pool better?

Gunite Swimming Pools are the best type of swimming pool out there, provided that the pool is correctly built they can be installed anywhere in the world without any damage being done to them. As far as servicing of the pool standard service applies e.i. brushing vacuuming chemically treating. And if the necessary care is taken a gunite can last you 20 + years. Vinyl Liner pools also have there place in the swimming pool market place, they are typically cheaper and quicker to install but on the down side there isn't much customization you can do to them. And to replace a liner can run you anywhere between 3 to 5 thousand dollars. That brings us to fiberglass AKA Bathtub in the ground ( that's all i can say about that.

Is a gunite pool better than a vinyl lined pool?

All day long. Concrete pools have real tile instead of the fake liner tile look. You can update a concrete pool later on as styles change: with vinyl it's final.

Can baking soda be used to clean the vinyl in above ground swimming pools?

no it can not so stop trying

Is a vinyl or gunite pool better taking all the factors into consideration like cost and maintenance?

Definitely gunite they last much longer without having to reline them for starters.

What is a vinyl lined inground pool?

An inground pool is typically lined with either gunite (concrete), fiberglass, or vinyl. Gunite and fiberglass are roughly the same cost, whereas vinyl is considerably cheaper. With the lower price comes less durability, as vinyl lining has to be replaced every 8-10 years or so, whereas the other two can last for decades. Vinyl is also much easier to puncture or otherwise damage. That said, many people still prefer vinyl inground pools due to the lower cost.

What are the advantages or disadvantages of gunite pools vs fiberglass pools in the Northeast?

Advantages of fiberglass versus gunite(concrete) There are many things such as lifetime structure warranty, very low maintenance, cheaper heating costs, and they can be moved. Disadvantages would be depth, size, and finish colors even though there are many colors available for fiberglass pools. Viking Fiberglass pools are the most expensive but you know the saying you get what you pay for. In the northeast you have more of a chance of having a fiberglass pool pop out of the ground. I have always perfered gunite over any other finish (even vinyl) I think the look is lush but again you do get what you pay for. Which is why gunite is more expensive.

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