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Yes, guppies are Freshwater Fish, but they can also tolerate salt in very small doses.

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Q: Are guppies freshwater fish
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Are fancy guppies freshwater fish or saltwater fish?

Freshwater. I have some

Do guppies get along with seahorses?

Guppies are freshwater fish: Sea horses are saltwater fish

Are guppies coldwater fish?

No; guppies are tropical freshwater fish and should be kept at a temperature of 77-82F.

Do killer whales eat guppies?

No, as guppies are a freshwater fish species, usually bred for fish aquariums.

Can guppies be found in ocean water?

No, guppies are a freshwater fish, and will die soon if in salt water.

Is a guppy a tropical fish?

Yes guppies are freshwater tropicals.

Do guppies live in fresh water?

Guppies live in freshwater. They are the most popular aquarium fish and widely distributed around the world. Guppies are also called rainbow fish.

Are yellow guppys salt water fish?

No, all guppies should be freshwater fish.

Are Guppies tropical fish?

Yes and thay are freshwater fish. Most of the guppies at my pet store are orange or sometimes yellow, black and silver.

Do guppies swim in saltwater?

Obviously, since they are fish they will swim but Guppies (Lebistes reticularis) are freshwater fish and will die shortly after being placed in saltwater.

What should the Ph level for the water be for guppies?

The same for every fish that is a freshwater fish: 7.

Can a clown fish live in a tank with a tetra and a guppie?

No, clown fish are marine fish and tetra and guppies are freshwater fish.

Is guppy a fish?

Yes, guppies are freshwater fish. Their scientific name is Poecilia reticulata.

What kind of fish can live together?

A few types of fish can live together. The best combination is guppies and tropical fish (freshwater!)

Is their a freshwater aquarium fish that is purple?

yes some fancy guppies are a bit purple

Are guppies salt hardy fish?

Yes and no... They are hardy but live in freshwater not saltwater. Please get a heater too.

What kind of water do guppies live in?

guppies live in freshwater not saltwater

How can a freshwater fish be with a saltwater fish?

A freshwater fish cannot be with a saltwater fish.It depends on the fish. Guppies are considered "freshwater" but will live happily in SW if properly acclimatized. Mollies are the same way.

What type of freshwater fish should I get with a 10 gallon tank?

If you are a first time aquarium owner some great fish are tetras, guppies, and barbs

What types of fish do angelfish eat?

Freshwater angels will eat any small fish they can fit in their mouths. Their preferance is baby guppies. Also young and male mosquito fish.

What fish are guppies compatible with?

Fish that have long, wavy fins should not be put with guppies, because guppies will nibble their long fins. Also, many bigger fish will eat guppies. Keep a separate tank with guppies and a few "cleaner" fish, which do not harm guppies.

What fresh water fish have live babies?

Swordtails, mollies, platys, and guppies are the most popular freshwater live bearers

Are guppies mammels?

No, guppies are fish.

Are guppies reptiles?

They are fish.

Can hermit crab eat guppies and what everyday foods can I give hermits?

Hermit Crabs live in sea water. Guppies are freshwater fish and will not be able to live in with hermit crabs. The crabs would no doubt eat whatever dead fish you give them.