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Some parts interchange, but most do not.

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Q: Are hammerless and external hammer mechanisms interchangeable on similar Crescent Firearms models namely the New Empire double trigger side by side?
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What is the age of crescent firearms hammerless 410 double barrel shotgun sr 14546?

70-100 years

What is the value of a 410 Crescent Firearms Quail hammerless double in fair to good condition?

50-125 USD

How much is a crescent firearms company number 60 empire hammerless serial number 39499?


What is the value and other information for a Peerless 12 gauge side by side hammerless model 256654 from Crescent Firearms Company?

Depending on condition, perhaps as much as $400-$500.

Is there any where to get information on a crescent Firearm No 60 emire hamerless 12 gauge shotgun?

From the 2002 Standard Catalog of Firearms: In 1905 Crescent's first hammerless sidelock was introduced as the American Gun Co. "Knickerbocker" Model No. 6. This very popular model became the Crescent "Peerless" No. 6 in 1922. In 1928 it became the Crescent "Empire" No. 60. and in 1931 the Crescent-Davis "New Empire" No. 88, "New Empire" No. 9, and "Empire" No. 9. For further information about Crescent Firearms of Norwich, Connecticut try or eBay for books on old firearms companies.

What is the history of watauga firearms?

Wautauga was made by Crescent Firearms. It was a trade name. Crescent waas in business from @1893 to 1932

Who manufactured electric city firearms?

Electric City firearms were manufactured by Crescent Firearms Co. of Norwich Conn. Crescent was purchased by Savage in the early 1930's.

Where can you buy a forearm for a Crescent Firearms Co 410 double barrel hammerless shotgun?

The wooden forearm is easily made, but if you need the metal part of the forend you are in for a tough time. We are one of the largest used parts dealers in the country and have not had a Crescent .410 forend iron in years.

When were crescent firearms used?

Crescent Firearms Co dates back to 1888. George W, Cilley bought out the defunct Bacon Arms Co. of Norwich, Conn. Cilley teamed up with Frank foster and formed the Crescent Fire Arms Co. Cilley and Foster each held firearms patents and both were qualified firearms design and manuafacture. In 1932 the city of Norwich, Conn. took over the Crescent property for back taxes. The Crescent firearms were well respected.

What is a crescent double barreledhammerless shotgun from crescent firearms from norwich conn worth?


You have a single shot crescent firearms shotgun marked No 15 what is the year of manufacture?

Can't be before 1892 or after 1931. If it is hammerless AND has fluid steel barrels, it is after 1903. Open hammers and/or damascus barrelled guns continued to be manufactured after that date also.

Quial hammerless by crescent firearms co norwich conn it is a 410 gauge ther are no other markings on the gun can anyone tell you if it has a value or other info on this piece?

it is not a gun of value.......I would guess at $100 to $200 depending on condition

Crescent firearms the same company as Hopkins and Allen?


Did crescent firearms make a spent model gun?


What did Eli Whitneys interchangeable parts make?

The Interchangeable parts were used mainly in the construction of firearms, then spread to mills.

Did the American Gun Co offer a hammered 12 in a coach style gun?

Yes, at the turn of the last Century. They were made in Norwich, Connecticut by Crescent Firearms Co. They were chambered for 12, 16, & 20 guage. Both hammered and hammerless were made.

What is the value of crescent shotguns?

What is the Model, Serial Number and date of the Crescent Firearms shotgun which you want a value on?

Did Crescent Firearms manufacturer a side by side 12 gauge shotgun for Howard firearms co?


Replacement stock for crescent firearms shotgun?

At Gunstocks Inc.

Did crescent firearms make damascus barrel shotguns?


First to use interchangeable parts in the manufacture of firearms?

Eli Whitney

What is the make and model of a 12 gauge single shot center hamer shotgun that says crown ejector m'f'd for fletcher hardware co Detroit mich?

If it is a hammerless single shot or double barrel, it was PROBABLY made by Crescent Firearms, 1892-1931.

Dids crescent firearms ever make a drilling shotgun?

AFAIK, no.

Made by Crescent Firearms company?

Many utility grade weapons.

What is the value of crescent firearms 410?

10-100 USD or so