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Pregnant women should not eat hampsters. Ever.

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โˆ™ 2009-12-31 02:27:06
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Q: Are hamsters bad for you if you are pregnant?
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Do hamsters throw up when they are pregnant?

No hamsters do not throw up when they are pregnant.

How long do hamsters have to be pregnant?

Hamsters are pregnant for around 15-18 days.

Do hamsters have to mate to be pregnant?

Yes, hamsters get pregnant through sexual reproduction.

How long are Russian hamsters pregnant for?

Most hamsters are pregnant for 16-18 days.

How many weeks are hamsters pregnant for?

That really depends on the type of hamster. Syrian hamsters (common hamsters) are pregnant for between 16 and 18 days. Dwarf hamsters are pregnant for between 18 and 21 days.

How much do pregnant hamsters cost at petsmart?

petsmart doesnt sell pregnant hamsters

Are hamsters allowed to eat peanuts when they are not pregnant?

yes hamsters are aloud peanuts but they are not aloud to eat them when they are pregnant,

Do pregnant hamsters get drowsy?

Not really. Pregnant hamsters are really active and jumpy when they're expecting. :P

Do hamsters have lumps when their pregnant?

Does a hamster have lumps when pregnant

Can Hamsters Get Pregnant on their own?


What age can baby hamsters become pregnant?

Hamsters can become pregnant from one month to three months of age.

Can female hamsters be pregnant without a male?

No. Hamsters, like all mammals, require sexual reproduction in order to get pregnant.

How long do hamsters hold babie hamsters in their stomachs?

Hi, hamsters are pregnant for 16-28 days.

Do hairless hamsters usually have a bad odor?

All hamsters give a bad odor.

How long are dwarf hamsters pregnant for?

They are pregnant for about 16 days.

Can female hamsters can still be pregnant after six weeks?

Hamsters are usually pregnant for 16 days in a syrian hamster and 30 days in a dwarf.

Do hamsters have to have a baby with a male hamster?

yes hamsters require a male to become pregnant.

What are hamsters bad at?

hamsters are bad at eating clothes if you don't tame them they are also bad at sniffing everything that is around but who doesn't. PHOTOS!

Do hamsters sleep a lot when pregnant?


Are pregnant hamsters mean?

Get very territorial

How can you tell a hamsters pregnant?

They get a lot fatter.

Do hamsters build a nest if there pregnant?

yes they do

How do you get your hamsters pregnant on hamsters ds?

keep putting her and the male in the same cage and then go to the pet shop and go on chat with the shopkeepers and they will tell you if she is pregnant

How can you know if the hamster is pregnant or just fat?

Pregnant hamsters tend to get aggressive.

Can you hold dwarf hamsters when there pregnant?

No, you should never hold a pregnant hamster