Are hamsters good pets?

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Hamsters are great pets (: Although, they require the same basic needs as any other living thing. They need; A clean envoroment, food, water, love, attention, excersize, etc. If your looking into adopting a hamster make sure you can provide all of these things before arranging to buy one. Good luck!! (:

Hamsters are nocturnal, so if they are in your room, they WILL keep you awake. They can be tamed and be very friendly. There is minimal mess to clean away and can be very child friendly.

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Q: Are hamsters good pets?
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Are hamsters good pets when you have cats?


Are darwf hamsters good pets?

yes they are

Why are hamsters important?

because they are good pets

Are hamsters good pets for kids?

Hamsters are great pets for children. For young children they are the best pets. Easy and great for beginners. I HIGLY recommend them.

Are panda bear hamsters good pets for children?

They can be.

Do hamsters make good family pets?

they're very good family pets. especially babies

What animals make good pets and are not expensive?

hamsters and gerbles are very good pets and are only around$15

Are cats and hamsters good pets?

yes they are because they are cute

Are hamsters good pets for people with lupus?

Oh ferkin yeah.

Are Roborovski hamsters good pets?

Yes, Roborovski hamsters make great pets. They are some times called robo hamsters, they have a LOT of energy . Roborovski are better for older children because they are so small.

Do Chinese dwarf hamsters make good pets?

Yes, because they are not hyper like other hamsters and you don't have to go running after them such as other hamsters too.

Are hamsters endangered spieces?

hamsters are not endangered they are pets

Are parakeets good or bad to keep at home?

They make good pets, but hamsters are more fun (IMO)

What are good pets to keep inside that are small?

Guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters and ferrets.

Are hamsters good pets around a puppy?

no they are bad for keeping round dogs xx

Should you get a 2 pet dwarf hamsters or 1 pet Syrian hamster?

2 dwarfs hamsters because they are good starter pets

What are some good small social pets?

I would say hamsters or Ginnie pigs because i have both and there very friendly pets

Where did hamsters come from and why they make good pet's?

They come from eurasia and they make good pets since they are small and cute.

Are hamsters messey pets?

No hamsters arent messy pets but you have to clean their cage once a week cuz it stinks

What type of small animals are good indoor pets?

Cats , hamsters , birds , turtles , etc . . .

Why are fancy hamsters called fancy hamsters?

Because they are elegant pets

How many people have hamsters in the world?

about 2% of people have hamsters as pets

Do hamsters make good pets?

Hamsters make relatively good pets. They are great pets for little kids! They are also good pets for beginner pet owners. Hamsters, like any pet, require care. You have to feed it, give it water, clean its cage, and pay for its expenses, such as vet bills and supplies. Hamster may bite or nip if provoked but they are usually calm and tame. Before you can play with your hamster you need to develop a trusting bond with them. Hamsters can also smell if their cage is not cleaned properly and regularly. Overall, hamsters need care just like any other pet, but they are great for little kids and beginners! I hope this helped!

What are all the hamsters in the Zhu Zhu pets video game?

because zhu zhu pets are hamsters and that is why they are in the advert and video game

Do hamsters mostly live in human houses?

Hamsters are very popular pets and most that are kept as pets live in human houses, in cages. However, the majority of hamsters are not pets but live in the wild, in underground burrows, not in human houses.