Are hard nipples a symptom of menopause?


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Because women have the chills so sometimes the nipples get hard.

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Its possible yes but you need to also rule out pregnancy & a hormonal imbalance.

Absolutely, not so different than the PMS symptom that you have had for years with your period. Progesterone can also cause that if you are taking it as a supplement.

It can be, but it's rather nonspecific.

Hot flashes are the number one symptom when it comes to menopause. The second most common symptom is dizziness, followed closely by body aches.

It is a symptom of nothing. Often if you have very pale skin (usually European or Asian meaning Japanese, Chinese, etc) then you might have very pale nipples.

There are no disease symptoms for menopause because it is not a disease. The symptoms of menopause include irregular periods, hot flashes, sensitive nipples, trouble sleeping and mood changes.

Breast tenderness is as a sign of pregnancy.From a mild tingling in the breasts, a gentle swelling, or an aching soreness, the breasts go through changes in response to the shifting hormones in your body that are an early sign of pregnancy.Small "bumps" on your nipples as a sign of pregnancy.You may never have noticed before, but there are small bumps on your nipples, called "Mongomery's tubercles." These become much more pronounced during pregnancy and secrete an oily fluid in preparation for breastfeeding. Nipples also change color during pregnancy, becoming a darker brown versus a lighter pink before pregnancy.I am 5 weeks pregnant and my nipples are very hard, big and they are very itching for about last 4 days.It is a real possibility. I am 10 weeks pregnant and hard nipples were my very first symptom. Before I even missed a period my nipples were flying at full staff and itching like crazy.Hard nipples on their own are not a sign of pregnancy but if you are pregnant you may well get hard nipples.Well, I'm five weeks pregnant, and hard nipples were my first sign. Really the only way to tell if you're pregnant is to take a test.

Any womans's nipples can get hard. if there cold or arroused or something :)

The same way you make a guy's nipples hard.

Abdominal swelling, aka bloating, during menopause is a common and uncomfortable symptom. It is caused by excess gas and fluid.

Yes.Tender breasts and nipples is one of the first signs of pregnancy many women notice after they conceive.

No. Some women don't experience any symptom at all. No symptom as the be there to be pregnancy, but tender breats and sore nipples are a common symptom of pregnany.

To make your nipples hard, you need to sexually stimulate yourself. Massage your boobs, rub them, squeeze them, etc. Also, flick, lick, and touch your nipples as much as possible. Your nipples will get hard once you're horny and sexually stimulated.

No. Nipples will harden as a reflex when they are stimulated or cold.

Guys LOVE Hard Nipples. It Is Easier For Them To Suck On And Wrap Their Tongues Around!

For the same reasons as a males nipples go hard it is the result of increased circulation of blood.

Possibly - but it's not a symptom I've ever heard of

We don't. They get hard when it's cold or some women get hard nipples when they are aroused. Same reasons some men have it actually.

It is possible t obe 38 and to start menopause. This though is highly unlikely. It would be suggested that you visit a doctor as soon as possible.

Lick, Nurse, and play with different women's nipples to find out why. :)David Wesson. :0

nipples generally get hard for 2 reasons 1. your cold 2. your horny this has nothing to do with pregnancy and is completely normal

Bloated feeling is common and occurs even during menopause. Bloating occurs due to water retention, accumulation of gas or a combination of both. Bloating during menopause may be caused by fluctuating hormones, particularly estrogen, according to Prior to peri-menopause and menopause, when a woman is about to have her menstrual period, the rising estrogen levels cause females to retain more water, which leads to bloating. Bloating as a symptom can occur due to excessive swallowing of air, stress, diet, constipation, hormonal fluctuations, etc.

they get hard, the same way guy nipples do when they get turned on.

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