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The answer is yes! I am in the eighth grade and have been homeschooling for six years. I have so many friends it's not even funny. I have been involved in a speech and theatre group that is for homeschoolers since I was in third grade. I have also been involved in sports, bands and orchestras for a number of years. My source of really good friends are from my church and they might as well be family. We are always going out to eat and to the movies just like any other teens. I've found that most homeschoolers can carry on conversations with adults and kids of other ages better than most public schoolers. I'd say that if you get your kids involved in activities they'll get an A plus in socilization!

--Also, to assist with home schooled children's interaction with children their age, you could take them on field trips to places such as local museums and zoos. Also, the children may play in their neighborhood to ensure social interaction.

2016-05-31 06:02:57
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Q: Are home schoolers as likely to make friends as easily as kids in a school system?
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