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Hornets are generally judged to be the more dangerous on account of their larger size.

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Hornets are much bigger than wasps

No the hornet is more powerful

Both wasps and hornets can kill you but wasps are more aggressive though less common, really it depends on your personal health and the ratio of hornets to wasps like if there are hundreds of hornets and ten wasps, hornets are a bigger problem and if there are hundreds of wasps and ten hornets wasps are a bigger problem. personally I'd rather have a hornet after me than a wasp. Bees are great though they don't sting unless you hurt them and they are simply cool to have around.

NO but Hornets eat bees

Hornets are the largest eusocial wasps, that reach up to 55 mm (2.2 in) in lengthSo to answer your question...sometimes. All hornets are wasps but not all wasps are hornets.

Hornets are much bigger and their sting is much more painful than bees. Hornets can also sting more than once because it doesn't detach form its body unlike bees. Hornets tend to be more agressive than bees, but they are much less aggresive in general than wasps.

Yes, stinging insects like wasps and hornets inject venom when they sting.

Hornets are actually a type of wasp.

Yes. Some hornets and some wasps do indeed make honey. However, the honey made by wasps is not consumed by humans.

If you're talking Bees and not wasps or hornets, the most dangerous one in America is the Killer Bee. Allergic or not, they are dangerous to everyone.

Hornets eat eat flies, bees, and wasps.

Technically all hornets are wasps. They tend to have fatter abdomens compared to wasps and can be more aggressive as well.

well a lone hornet isn't very dangerous you could probably fight it off with your hands but a swarm of hornets is dangerous but a lone hornet can be fatal if someone is allergic to wasps

wasps do have enemies probably things like bees,hornets,and/or spiders

All wasps are generally faster than hornets. However, wasps are seen as being a little bit weaker than hornets.

A nest or colony of wasps or hornets. ----vespiary

hornets wasps and yellow jackets

No. Hornets, like wasps, don't reuse old nests.

Dragonflies will not eat wasps or hornets unless there is absolutely nothing else for them to eat. They mostly eat mosquitoes but will also eat butterflies and moths.

Wasps are a group of predatory, flying and stinging insects, while the hornet is the largest insect among the wasps.

Wasps and hornets are similar to bees.

Scorpions, wasps, hornets and bees have stingers.

sqiurt them with wasp spray that you buy.

I think they would be wasps,dangerous spiders, and lots more.

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