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some horses are different. Different horses have different spices. horses that are the same spices are probably going to look a like.

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All Arabian horses have different weight, it does not matter about the breed. All horses have a different weight.

Starfish and Horses are different by: Starfish live in water and horses don't, Horses run and starfish don't. ( That is mostly all I got)

you just get to know them. all horses look different. they are different colors and sizes and have different markings and personalities.

if you go yo wikipedia, you can get a list of all the horses and ponies.

no because horses might be born different and wont be able to run.

All horses are different in personality.

Is who different from other horses?

Horses are different colors because different kinds of horses are naturally different in color. Some horses were also bred to be certain colors.

Llamas are different to horses because llamas have thick coats of fur, while horses only have a main on their neck. Llamas spit up to 10 feet, while horses do not spit at all. There are shoes for horses, but not for llamas. They are completely different to horses. Llamas are much more closely related to camels than horses, sharing the Family group of Camelidae

There are many many different kind of horses.There is quarter horses, stallions(wild),Arabian horses,Thoroughbred horses. Draft horses,Morgan horses,and many many more.There is over 100 different kinds of horses!

Horses live all over the world n all different territories. From marshes to deserts to grass lands to icey snowy lands.

A red ribbon on a horses tail means that the horse may kick. Pay very good attention to the different colors of ribbons on a horses tail. All the different colors mean a different thing.

you dont need to have different bridals for horses, but you need to get different sizes. You also need to get certain bits for different horses. Its all depends on the what the horse is most confortable with, you could ask a horse trainer for help choosing one

All horses are different. Some like to run around a lot. Most horses enjoy being with other horses because they are a herd in the wild.

Horses can live in all sorts of climates. Different breeds have adapted to live in different locations. Domesticated horses need to be provided with shelter, however, whereas wild horses can withstand more trying areas w/o a barn.

All horses are different in their own unique way. Try getting to know them before you judge whether you like them or not.

Yes, you can bred all sorts of different breeds, from paint horses to chincoteauge ponies and beyond.

Many going from Marwari,Mustangs all of them are out there..

All horses are different, and that means they eat different amts. of food. Some horses will eat until they get sick, and some may not eat enough. Therefore, there is no specific amt. for horses to eat.

some are, some are'nt Just like humans, horses are all different. Some horses will be allergic to some things, and some won't.

Before I go rambling about nutrition needs for young and old horses, let me tell you all horses are different. Young horses, say, around 2-15 years old can stay on the same diet of grain and hay. The grain that is reccomended for horses between these ages is a brand made for horses of that age. They usually don't have artheritis in these ages, but like I said, all horses are different. If you know your horse has artheritis I would recommend a suppliment that you would mix in with your horses grain. You can get it at your local farming market. Horses 16+ need a grain that is made specially for older horses, that there bones are growing weaker and makes it easier during winter months. Like I said all horses are different. If you have show horses they even have special grains for better performance. Look into it. Sweeney_Todd_Fan

There really is no perfect answer for this; all horses are different. But the most popular are Lippizanners, Andalusians, Friesians, and warmblooded horses.

Over the 14 years Bonanza was on the air there were numerous horses used, all with different names. But the fictional name for all of them was Cochise.

There are many foods horses should not eat (i.e. foods poisonous to horses such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes, tomatoes, etc.). However, the foods horses dislike but are not bad for them vary. Different horses have different food preferences; therefore, it is best to try safe foods for your horse and find out what it prefers. Overall, however, different horses have different food preferences-after all, each horse is unique and has a distinct personality and preferences.

There are 35 different types of horses in Minecraft with different colors and patterns.

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