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They are both made with meat but are made to an entirely different recepe

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Q: Are hot dogs and bologna made of the same thing?
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What animal made bologna?

No animals make bologna. It is a combination of meats and parts with spices. The same way hot dogs are meats.

How is bologna made?

bologna is made out of the same as scrapple the fat, brains, entestiens, and other non used stuff of a pig. gross but so good.

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Why does bologna ruin the paint job on a car if you leave it sitting on it in the sun?

I beleave it is a chemical they mix in with the meat. It must have a chemical reaction with the paint chemicals. Not only does bologna do it but an egg will do the same thing so be carefull!

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What is the difference between bologna and bolognie?

There is no difference. 'Bolognie' is a mispronouncing of 'Bologna.' Both are the same meats with the same ingrediants. The phrase 'phony balogna' comes from the fact that bologna is meant to be a replacement for lunch meets like turkey and salami. Its phony lunch meat.

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