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A lot of my friends including myself had hot flashes as well as cold flashes duiring pregnancy. I would say it is normal. You're body is going through a lot of hormone changes. The change in the hormone levels is what causes these flashes. If it helps at night use a fan and try a cool shower before bed. That's what helped me.

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Q: Are hot flashes normal during pregnancy?
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Is hot flashes a sign of pregnancy?

yes hot flashes is a sign of pregnancy.

Are hot and cold flashes part of morning sickness?

yes, hot flashes can be part of your pregnancy symptoms related to morning sickness, i had hot flashes and nausea with my last pregnancy when i was 42, doctor informed me that you can have hot flashes as part of symptoms of pregnancy.

Are hot flashes signs of pregnancy?

Many women have hot flashes towards the end of pregnancy because of the 'central' heating. But if you think you may be pregnant hot flashes are not a symptom.

Are hot flashes a symptom of pregnancy?


Can hot flashes and a light period be a sign of pregnancy?

Yes, but it's not a sure thing. Take a home pregnancy test or go to a doctor for a test to be sure. Hot flashes have been my first symptom in all 3 of my pregnancies -- in fact, hot flashes are the reason I took my last pregnancy test when I did and found out I was preg.

Is having frequent hot flashes of the face a pregnancy symptom Im also very bloated and 5 days late for period?

Yes hot flashes of the face are a pregnancy symptom, but not a common sympton.

What causes dizziness hot flashes and vomiting?

depending on your age, menopause or pregnancy

Do have hot flashes when you are pregnant?

sorry to say, but yes, that's a symptom of pregnancy.

Is hot flashes and nausea normal on birth control pills?

Nausea is common with a lot of women on birth control. As for hot flashes that's not normal something you should probably get checked out by your doctor.

Are hot flashes common in the beginning stages of pregnancy?

no, it means you are starting your menopause cycle.

Why do some women have hot flashes?

Women typically start to have hot flashes during their menopause. Since there is no clear consensus amongst the scientists regarding the cause of the hot flashes during the menopause, it is also unclear why some women don't get them at all while others do.

What causes hot flashes during menopause?

decreasing estrogen

How early in pregnancy can a person get hot flashes?

I am five weeks pregnant and have hot flashes several times a day, usually in the evening. They actually started last week, but were less frequent and less intense.

Why do you have hot flashes at age 27?

Its called hot pants not hot flashes.

Can hot flashes and stomach pains be an indication of pregnancy?

They can be symptoms, yes, but they aren't a guarantee that you're pregnant.

What are synptoms of pregnancy during the first month?

within the first month mostly not a lot of signs, but youll see nausea, hot flashes just very minor things.

What causes hot flashes?

One main reason for hot flashes is menopause. Only a doctor can diagnose the cause of hot flashes.

Does hot flashes burn calories?

if you mean hot flushes as to hot flashes then yes they do.

During menopause vasomotor instability is most likely to cause?

Hot flashes.

You took hot showers before you found out you were pregnant and still do is your baby ok?

Normal showers should be fine during pregnancy.

Did anyone use a hot tub during early pregnancy?

Yes, there have been plenty of records of people using a hot tub during early pregnancy. This did not have an effect on their pregnancy.

Could hot flashes and lower stomach pain be signs of pregnancy?

If your temperature is high and the pain is quite bad or very uncomfortable - contact your doctor. This isn't pregnancy related.

Are hot flashes hyperthermia?


If IUD come out of cervix can it cause hot flashes?

An IUD removal will not cause hormonally-based hot flashes.

Do all menopausal women experience hot flashes?

No, it is possible to go through menopause without hot flashes.