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yes they are endangered

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When was a humpback whale listed as endangered?

At present humpback whales are not listed as an endangered species.

What whales are endangered?

humpback whales, blue whales, sperm whales and beluga whales are all endangered. they are the only endangered species of whales out of 79 species.

Where are humpback whales endangered?

They are endangered in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

Why are Humpback Whales endangered in New Jersey?

humpback whales are endangered because of commercial whaling and drift net fishing. these are the only know factors contributing to the decline of humpback whales all over the world.

Why are the humpback whales endangered?

no there are so many

Where do endangered whales live?

Endangered whales live in every ocean in the world. On the endangered list are right whales, blue whales, humpback whales and fin whales among others.

Are humpback whale engdanger?

Since 1966, humpback whales have been labeled and protected as endangered. There are certain associations, groups, and fisherman, who are trying to get the government to release the humpback whales from the endangered list. Today, the humpback whale is listed as "Least Concern" by the IUCN. Not an endangered species.

When were humpback whales put on the endangered list?

According to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, Humpback Whales are of least concern.

What types of whales besides killer whales are endangered?

Belugas, blue whales, humpback whales....most of them, in fact.

How many humpback whales are around the world?

It is estimated that there are over 10,000-15,000 humpback whales world-wide. Humpback whales are an endangered species. Look at this website for more info:

Why are humpback whales becoming endangered?

The main reason is down to Human activity. To be specific, Hunting and Whaling of Humpback Whales for their blubber. The main country that hunt these whales is Japan.

What caused humpback whales to become endangered?

Over whaling by humans

Are Albino Humpback whales endangered?

Yes. All albino animals are.

Why is the humpback endangered?

the number of humpback whales is reducing because not only of hunting but fishermen are catching the shrimp that the whales would normally eat. there is also pollution and climate change that is effecting the number of humpback whales that are swimming in our oceans today

How many humpback whales are there in the world?

Exact numbers are unknown, but they are an endangered species.

Are humpback whales endangered and why?

Yes, because the whalers decimated the populations to near extinction.

Where do you find humpback whales?

HumpBack whales live in the ocean.

Which whales live in Antarctica?

The humpback, minke, sei, southern, right and blue fin whales all live in Antarctica. Many of these whales are endangered or on the brink of extinction.

What are humpback whales called?

Humpback whales are called Humpbacks for short.

Are the humpback whales friends with humpback whales?

yes because their their the same

Do humpback whales mate for life or not?

do humpback whales mate for life

What whales are indangered?

Endangered whales in U.S. waters include: Beluga Blue Bowhead Fin Gray Humpback Killer Right Sei Sperm

What is Aussie slang for Humpback whales?

There is no specific Australian slang for humpback whales.

How many bones are in the humpback whales?

there are 925 bones in a humpback whales body

Are humpback whales the same as sperm whales?

actually no sperm whales are only found in the testicals of the humpback.