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Are hurricanes called twisters?

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No, tornadoes are called twisters.

Hurricanes and tornadoes are two very different things.

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Are tornadoes and cyclones called twisters?

Cyclones aren't (they can be called hurricanes), but tornadoes and twisters are the same things.

Are tornadoes or hurricanes call 'twisters'?

Tornadoes are called "twisters." Hurricanes are sometimes called "tropical storms" before they reach violent wind speeds, and are referred to as "typhoons" in the Pacific. Both tornadoes and hurricanes can be called "cyclones" because they both have violently rotating wind.

What are hurricanes and tornadoes called?

Tornadoes can be called twisters, but tornado is the preferred term. Hurricanes are also called tropical cyclones, though that is a somewhat broader term.

Are tornadoes and hurricanes are called twisters?

A twister is a tornado. A hurricane is bigger and entirely different type of storm.

Why are tornadoes called twisters?

Tornadoes are called twisters because they spin around.

Are hurricanes twisters?

No. A twister is a tornado. Hurricanes are a completely different kind of storm. See the related question for more information on the difference.

What has the author Robert Irving written?

Robert Irving has written: 'Hurricanes and twisters' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Lending library, Tornadoes, Hurricanes

Why are SOME tornadoes called twisters?

Any tornado can be called a twister, not just some. Tornadoes are called twisters because they spin.

What are the names of Tornadoes or Hurricane?

Tornadoes are sometimes called twisters. When hurricanes occur in other parts of the world may be called typhoons, cyclones, or severe cyclonic storms. The generic term for a hurricane is tropical cyclone.

What natural disasters might occur in the Bahamas?

Some Natural Disasters are Hurricanes or tornados or twisters there nay be more........

Which countries are most affected by hurricanes and twisters?

Th United States, Canada, and Australia get the most tornadoes. For tropical cyclones such as hurricanes it would probably be Japan, Mexico, and Australia.

Another word for hurricane and tornadoes?

Hurricanes are called typhoons when they occur in the western Pacific. The generic term of a hurricane is tropical cyclone. Tornadoes can also be called twisters. Some people also (incorrectly) call them cyclones.

Different types of weather?

Blizzards, Typhoons, Hurricanes, Twisters, Floods, Clear, Cloudy, Raining, Snowing, Hailing, and Sleet.

Are tornadoes called different names?

They can also be called twisters.

What else are tornadoes called?

Tornadoes are sometimes called twisters.

What are the names of a tornado?

Tornadoes are sometimes called twisters.

What is a tornado known as?

Tornadoes are sometimes called twisters.

What are hurricanes called in bangledesh?

Hurricanes in Bangladesh are called cyclones.

Does Melbourne have twisters and hurricanes?

If you are referring to the Melborne in the UK, it can get tornadoes, though fortunately very few are stronger than EF2 (T4 or T5). Hurricanes are a different matter. Tropical cyclones (which is what hurricanes are) lose hurricane status and tropical characteristics before reaching the UK.

What are tornadoes sometimes called?

They are called funnel clouds or, more often, twisters.

What are hurricanes called in Asia?

Hurricanes, or cyclones, in Asia are called typhoons.

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