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No. Water is a compound made of hydrogen and oxygen. While elemental Oxygen and Hydrogen are gases.

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Q: Are hydrogen oxygen and water the same?
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How do you separate hydrogen and water from oxygen gas at the same time?

By electrolysis oxygen and hydrogen atoms separate.

When hydrogen and oxygen combine and form water water is?

hydrogen + oxygen = HO, hydroxide: hydrogen + oxygen + oxygen = H20, water

How are water and hydrogen peroxide are the same?

Both are compounds consisting entirely of hydrogen and oxygen. Water is H2O. Hydrogen peroxide is H2O2.

What characteristic do carbohydrates have concerning their hydrogen and oxygen atoms?

The hydrogen- oxygen ratio is 2:1, which is the same ratio in water.

What is water without oxygen?

Hydrogen as water is made of oxygen and hydrogen.

Why is water and hydrogen peroxide different even though they are made of the same types of atoms?

hydrogen has two hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms and water has one hydrogen and one oxygen atoms

What are The chemicals in heavy water?

hydrogen and oxygen, same as ordinary water except the hydrogen is twice the mass of ordinary hydrogen and we call it deuterium.

When hydrogen and oxygen conforms to water what would water be considered and what would hydrogen and oxygen be considered?

Hydrogen and oxygen are the reactants and water is the product.

You make water by reacting hydrogen and oxygen gases is this water same to drink?


Do oxygen and hydrogen represent the same compound?

No. Hydrogen and oxygen are elements, not compounds. They are not the same.

What has more hydrogen distilled or tap water?

They have the same amount of hydrogen. All water molecules have two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.

Why is oxygen important to water?

Oxygen is important to water because oxygen is an element in water. Water is made of oxygen and hydrogen. Without oxygen, water would just be hydrogen, not water!

Can you get water from hydrogen?

You can get water from hydrogen if you combine the hydrogen with oxygen atoms.

Does hydrogen and oxygen makes water?

Yes, water is comprised of Hydrogen and Oxygen, H2O

How do you turn hydrogen into water?

By reacting it with oxygen; both the hydrogen and the oxygen are converted into water.

Does water combine with hydrogen to make oxygen?

No. Hydrogen combines with oxygen to make water.

How can you tell there is more oxygen in hydrogen peroxide than in water?

In 1 mole of water, the total amount of oxygen is only 16g. But the amount of the same in 1mole of Hydrogen peroxide is 32g. So more oxygen is present in hydrogen peroxide than in water.

How is compound water different from hydrogen and oxygen?

the compound water made up of hydrogen and oxygen. hydrogen and oxygen both are gas. but the compound water is liquid

What characteristic of water remains the same no matter what is dissolved in it?

The ratio of hydrogen to oxygen.

Do all samples of water have the same composition of hydrogen and oxygen?

Yes, otherwise it wouldn't be water.

Does an oxygen atom weight the same as a hydrogen atom?

an oxygen and a hydrogen atom do not weight the same

How does hydrogen react with oxygen?

Hydrogen plus oxygen creates water

How many oxygen atoms are in a molecule of water?

This is one atom of oxygen in a molecule of water. There are two atoms of hydrogen in that same molecule.

Do hydrogen and oxygen react with water?

No. Hydrogen and oxygen react with each other to form water.

Does hydrogen reacts with oxygen and water?

Hydrogen and oxygen react with each other to create water.