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Yes, some insects are territorial including Dragonflies, Wasps and Crickets.

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What does a hobo spider eat?

Any insects in the same geographic area as the hobo spider. As they are hunters, not trappers, the range of dietary possibilities are limited to the immoderate insect population of the spiders territorial rang.The female & mail hobo spider eats insects.

Was wyoming colonial or territorial?


Are chameleons territorial?

are chameleons territorial

How do you use the word territorial in a sentence?

The lion is a very territorial animal.Paul was always territorial about his belongings.The territorial police will investigate the report.

What was the colonial and territorial days of Nevada?

it was a territorial

What is a sentence for terrritorial?

Many carnivores are territorial.You do not have permission to enter our territorial waters.

Are cichlids territorial?

Yes. Most are very territorial.

An example sentence of the word territorial?

Territorial in a setence?

Are owls territorial?

yes, owls are very territorial

Are monkeys territorial?

Yes, there are some monkeys that are territorial.

What are the colonial or territorial days?

territorial something :D

Is law territorial in nature?

the Territorial nature of law

What is the name of your territorial representative?

The name of my territorial representative is

Is Idaho a territorial state or colonial state?


Is the wombat territorial?

Yes: the wombat is indeed territorial.

How do giraffes show territorial behavior?

Giraffes are non-territorial.

Can you use territorial in a sentence?

The leader of the pride was very territorial.

Colonial or Territorial Days of California?

Colonial or Territorial?Both.

What were the colonial or territorial days of Tennessee?

Colonial and/or territorial days of Tennessee?

What territorial group is the cayman islands in?

state territorial group in cuba

What are the territorial day's of nebraska?

what were some of the colonial or territorial days in nebraska

Was Louisiana a territorial days?

yes andno. no because Louisiana was not a territorial day and yes because Louisiana was once at the times of having a territorial.

Is a panda territorial?

Like all bear when panda's have babies they are very territorial.

Are guppies territorial?

Guppies are not territorial I know so as I breed only guppies.

What is the condition in which protection of the nation borders are guaranteed?

Territorial Integrity Territorial Integrity

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