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Insurance rates may increase or decrease depending on the driver's track record. Reckless driving leads to higher premiums, just as safe drivers often receive discounts and lower premiums.

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Depending on the insurance company life insurance rates in Europe can be the same or higher than rates in the US. The individual case also has a lot to do with how much the annual rate turns out to be.

Automobile insurance rates are not higher in New York than in Atlanta. In fact they are lower. In New York the average rate is $1369 whilst in Atlanta it is $2155.

Driver insurance rates are higher for boys than for girls because it has been proven statistically that boys are more likely to get into car accidents than girls.

Your insurance rates shouldn't go up by much. Their insurance rates are the ones that will be affected and they will find it difficult to find insurance that will carry them.

In terms of your insurance rates? Yes. Very much so. Expect your insurance rate to be much higher than someone in the same situation but with no points.

How much increase auto insurance after claim

There are a variety of types of renter's insurance with many different rates. The differences in rates depends on the situation and how much value there is in the apartment.

There are a lot of companies that allow you to get insurance with sr22. One of them being progressive. They determine insurance rates on how much money you make.

There are many different reasons why insurance rates for cars will vary greatly. One reason is definitely due to the person in question's record. If the person has a record of getting into car accidents, then their insurance rate will be much higher than that of a person without a record at all.

I'm trying to get my home owners insurance lowered. How much outside lighting will I have to get to have my rates lowered?

In general, health insurance rates have been rising in recent years. If you've found your rates have not been rising, you should check your coverage. Insurance companise who offer lower rates may not be providing as much coverage.

Car insurance companies use many different factors to determine your car insurance rate. Not everyone gets the same rate even if they have the same insurance company. If you are paying to much for insurance these or some of the main factors that effect your rate:1. Your driving record. Violations on your driving record will make your insurance rates go up. These would include moving violations and at fault accidents.2. Your age and gender. Rates are higher based on your driving experience. The younger you are, most likely that your rates will be higher. Also rates for young males tend to be higher.3. Where you live. Insurance companies rate different zip codes differently based on many other factors. Some areas have higher rates.4. Your vehicle coverages. Rates are different for different cars and coverages. Ask your insurance company about your coverages and how they effect your rate.5. Miles. Rates are also based on annual miles, if you don't drive to much you can get a lower rate.6. Discounts. Are you getting all discounts? Insurance companies offer many discounts so ask if you qualify for any. Some are multi-car discounts, multi-policy discounts, good student discount, affinity group discounts, and other discounts.Overall review your policy to see what you actually have and feel free to shop around. Call other insurance companies and see if they can offer you a lower rate. Different insurance companies offer different rates for your situation, so shop around to get the best car insurance rates.

Pretty much everybody compares insurance rates at one time or another.

After an automobile accident the automobile insurance carrier will usually raise the rates of the liability 7-10% depending on the severity of the accident.

not much. should not matter too much. homeowner's insurance is anyway too low.

Most insurance brokers can run his information to see how much insurance costs from various companies. Progressive insurance also will compare your rates.

HBA travel insurance rates vary. It depends on the type of coverage that you are looking for, if you want medical, cancellation or insurance on your belongings.

No, there are not. It is unlawful to have a gender specific insurance company. However, the insurance rates at most companies are much lower for females than they are for males.

Rates vary widely by specialty and state.

Your insurance will not immediately go up. When your insurance is up for renewal or your policy changes, your rates may jump ten or twenty dollars a month.

Well maintained classic cars tend to have higher values than newer models in similar conditions because of their collector's status and the insurance rates will be higher. Because of the wide spectrum of classic cars, it is impossible to establish an average rate that is meaningful.

You're eligible (even required) to get auto insurance as soon as you get your license. SInce you are required by law to be insured to drive. What will matter in regards to the length you have your license will be be how much you pay for insurance as they will charge higher rates for newly licensed drivers.

It depends on the rates of the company, your age, your driving record, and how much you are insured for.

DUI convictions make one's insurance rates much more expensive. They generally increase by around 100%, and for young drivers they can increase even more.

$100. Just kidding. There is far too much information needed to calculate auto insurance rates than is possible to do so in a forum such as this. Some companies use as many as 88+ factors to in their calculation of rates.

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