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No, not that I'm aware of... a kidney infection can be cause dform several things including diet, how often you urinate and injuries. It is not possible to catch a kidney infection from someone or pass one on to someone else. No. I've had at least 5 kidney infections. It hurts terribly but no, it's not contagious. There are a few different things that cause them: 1. Wiping from back to front 2. Not drinking enough fluids 3. Having bacteria get inside you (from things such as certain kinds of foreplay, or sex. If you are sexually active, be sure to urinate after intercourse. Always.)

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Q: Are kidney infections contagious
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Is a bladder or kidney infection contagious?

Most of these infections are not contagious.

Are all bacterial infections non contagious and viral infections contagious?

Both bacterial infections and viral infections can be contagious or not contagious. Some viral infections are not spread from human to human or are only rarely spread that way. TB is a contagious bacterial infection.

Are all viral infections contagious?

are all infections contagious

Is Chest infections contagious?

Yes, most chest infections can be contagious.

Are contagious disease infections?

Yes, contagious diseases are infections. Infections are occur when a pathogen (germ) enters the body and reproduces.

Is uti contagious?

No, Urinary Tract Infections are not contagious.

Are kidney stones contagious sexually?

No, kidney stones are not contagious in any way, sexually or otherwise.

Are virial infections contagious?

Virus infections are contagious - like the flu, the common cold, viral pneumonia, and so on.

How long is urinary tract infections contagious after treatment?

Urinary tract infections are not contagious.

Are staph infections contagious?

Staph infections are contagious, yes. They are contagious until the infection has resolved. You can get the infection yourself with prolonged touching. For best information, consult your doctor.

Are dog ear infections contagious?

No i dont think so because human ear infections aren't contagious at all

Is a chest infection contagious?

Yes, most chest infections can be contagious.

Is kidney disease contagious?


Is kidney infections hereditary?

No, they're not. Kidney disease can be hereditary, however kidney infections are not. (In the same way that other "infections" are not hereditary - e.g nobody gets a hereditary cold).

Are chest infections contagious?


Does Yaz birth control cause kidney infections?

Yaz has been linked to kidney infections which if not treated can lead to kidney failure.

Which is contagious viral or bacterial?

Both viral and bacterial infections can be contagious. Viruses and bacteria are two common ways in which infections and diseases spread.

Are viral infections contagious?

It depends on what virus it is. Some viruses, like the West Nile virus, aren't contagious. Other viruses are contagious.Yes, viral infections are contagious. If you cough on somebody or kiss someone you could spread it.

Can you get kidney infections from kissing pets?

yes you could get kidney infections by kissing pets it is proven by scientists

Why do kidney infections cause a headache?

Kidney infections, like other bacterial infections, often result in a fever. The fever causes the symptom of headaches. These infections are treated with antibiotics.

Is an ear infection contagious?

No, ear infections themselves aren't contagious. But the cold virus that can cause ear inflammation is contagious.

Are airborne staph infections contagious?


How do you catch Smallpox?

this is a disease that is contagious through viral infections, or it is caused by viral infections

Are sinus infections contagious?

It is not supposed to be contagious but everyone must be careful. Just WASH YOUR HANDS!

Is a kidney stone contagious?

...Um.... absoutely.