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Neither, leprechauns are omnivores.


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Carnivores.Herbivores are eaten by carnivores.

alligators are carnivores. birds can be omnivores, carnivores, or herbivores. insects can be carnivores or herbivores. chickens are not carnivores.

omnivores ,herbivores and carnivores

Invertebrates can be herbivores, carnivores or omnivores. Caterpillars are herbivores, for example, while spiders are carnivores.

Carnivores eat meat. Herbivores ARE meat.

There are very many more herbivores and they are easier to farm than carnivores. Herbivores taste better than carnivores.

Carnivores depend on them because herbivores eat the producers and the carnivores eat the herbivores.

Some fish are herbivores and some fish are carnivores.

herbivores eat plants carnivores eat animals

No. Consumers include carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores.

I don't know. Carnivores or herbivores I think.

No. Herbivores always outnumber the carnivores in an ecosystem.

Plants produce food Herbivores eat plants Carnivores eat herbivores Thus to keep everyone fed there have to be more plants than there are herbivores to eat them (or the herbivores would starve) and more herbivores than carnivores (or the carnivores would starve).

They are mostly herbivores. Some are carnivores Some are omnivores Some are herbivores

Frogs are carnivores as adults. Tadpoles are herbivores.

No they are not. Dogs are not Herbivores.

Antelopes are herbivores :)

No. Deer are herbivores, not carnivores.No.

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