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Yup! "Energy" is understood as the ability to do work. Light, as we see through solar panels, can be used to power our household items, which is obviously work. Sound is harder to prove as we have yet to find a way of harnessing sound to do our bidding. However, the fact that sound is often the result of other energies tells us that it is energy as well. For example when you clap, you take chemical energy (your food powering you) and change it into kinetic energy (the movement of you hands) and end up with sound (the clap) so we can say it is also an energy

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What is the energy form of exploding fireworks?

Sound energy, light energy are forms of exploding fireworks. Both are released during explosion.

What are both sound energy and light energy transmitted as?


How does a lamp change the energy that comes from the wall into energy that makes the room brighter?

both sound and light are forms of energy,so electricity is turned into light. the process? couldnt tell you but i do know that much.

How are heat and light in common?

they are both forms of energy

What does sound energy and light energy have in common?

They both travel in waves.

In what ways are sound and light alike?

They are both energy and they are both waveforms.

How do different kinds of materials affect the behavior of light?

Sound and light are both forms of energy that is carried from one place to another.they travel in all directions from the source.

How are sound energy and light energy alike and different?

difference is, sound travels in waves and light travels as packets of energy called photons. Light s faster than sound. Alike : simply both are energy ANSWER: They are both the same except for the frequency spectrum sound is at the very low end and light is at the extreme of the hi frequency

What is the same thing between sound and light?

Well, Light and Sound is a form of energy. And both travels.

How light energy like sound energy?

light energy is like sound energy because they both can locate any item in front of them and they both can reflect or absorbed by certain objects or t can pass through objects.

What forms of energy can be produced in exothermic reactions?

Light and/or heat energy can both be produced.

How is light energy different from both sound and heat energy?

Light energy can exist independently of matter. *Studyisland

How are sound energy and light energy similar?

they both have a wavelength and frequency *study island*

Which is strongest light energy or sound energy?

Both can be made strong, or not so strong.

Similarities between light and sound?

They both are a source of energy and they reflect surfaces, they are also both a source of energy.

Are radio waves a form of sound or light?

Radio waves and light are both forms of electromagnetic radiation. Sound waves are vibrations of air.

How are light energy and sound energy alike and different?

Both have: 1)They are both caused by vibrations. 2)Both reflect echoes from walls and light from mirrors. 3)Both can impact energy on an object over a distance. Sound can make something vibrate or put pressure on your eardrum. Light can make something worm or energize the photoreceptors (specialized nerve cells in the retina that are responsible for vision). Differences: 1) Sound is mechanical energy, light is electromagnetic energy.

What is one way light and sound are alike?

Both are waves of energy.

Into what two forms of energy is electrical energy changed in a light bulb?

-- heat -- light (Both are the same form of energy -- electromagnetic -- but with different wavelengths.)

What do light waves and sound waves have in common?

They're both wave. They both carry energy.

How are sound and energy related?

Sound and energy are related in that both sound and energy travel in waves. Energy and sound can both be directed, as well.

What is carried by both sound waves and light waves?

Energy. Also, information.

What are the similarities between light and heat energy?

They are both forms of energy They have wave length and frequency.

What do light and sound waves have in common?

They're both waves. They can both be used to transmit signals. They both carry energy.

In what way are all sound waves and light waves similar?

They both transmit energy