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Are linens made in china?

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Yes, most of the times. But it could also be made in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc. Not in USA. Almost all the textile manufacturing has shifted from US.

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Where can you find quality custom linens?

You got to know where to get fine linens first. There are some online who also sell custom linens. You can get these from specialty stores not just eBay or sites selling ready-made linens. I just had custom tailored linens for a custom made bed and they turned out really great.

Is Revere Ware manufactured in China?

I Recently, I went to a new tea kettle. Saw one in Linens and Things. Picked it up, turned it over and saw "MADE IN CHINA." I thought it had a funny, unnatural sheen to it. Would like to know when REVERE went to China.

How did trade help Ancient China develop?

China traded the silk which came from worms, for goods that ranged from jewels, horses and linens. Along with the goods, ideas traveled to China. Buddhism was brought to China based upon the trade with India.

Name something you'd try to steal from a dinner party at the white house?

silverware linens china food crystals

What is the definition of linens?

Linens are the materials such as bedding and towels in a household.

What changes were made as a result of winning the battle of Saratoga?

They changed their underwear, their linens and their hairstyle.

Dahana Table Linens?

form_title= Dahana Table Linens form_header= Dress your table in style. What is the size of the table?*= _ [50] What color linens would you like?*= _ [50] What is your budget for linens?*= _ [50]

What are custom linens?

Custom linens refer to bedding, bath linens or table linens that one can buy specifically made-to-fit as requested by a customer. Usually custom linens refer to custom bedding for artistic beds (like round beds), custom shaped pillows and shams or custom-built furniture. You can get them at specialty shops or online linen shops at varying prices. Some offer just the service, you have to provide for the linens. I prefer those you can call in or email to order and they send you the product ready for use, hassle-free.

Do furnished apartments generally include drapes and linens?

I think that furnished apartments come with drapes but not always linens. Linens are bought by the buyer

Can you get herpes from sharing bed linens?

You can't get herpes from sharing bed linens.

What brand of patio furniture did linens 'n things carry?

Well most people who bought patio furnishture from linens and things always buy patio chairs and tables that are glass and made of wood.

What does Made in China mean on fine bone China?

It means the fine bone China was Made In China.

Where was the Great Wall of China made?

it was made in china.

Are taylor made clubs made in china?


What did the ancient Egyptians used to make with papyrus?

Papyrus could be made into paper, sandals, linens, and boats.

Table Linens?

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What kinds of home crafts were made by the Puritans?

There are a number of different home crafts that were made by the Puritans. These crafts included cloths and linens that had a purpose.

Where can you buy commercial satin linens?

You can check They have a large selection of restaurant linens and banquet linens at wholesale price. This is a direct link to their commercial table linens site

What are the different materials available in table linens?

Table linens come in a wide range and are made of various materials sucha as silk, satin, polyester, denim, vinyl, and spandex. However, most people prefer cotton.

How was China made?

In China.

Are China dolls made in China?

of course. not only china dolls,the whole world dolls are made in china.

Where is Pasta made?

lol Pasta was made in china. Pasta was made in china.

Bed Linens?

form_title= Bed Linens form_header= Sleep tight with new bed linens. What size linens do you need? Check all that apply.* [] Twin [] Full [] Queen [] King What type of material do you want?*= _ [50] What color linen do you want?*= _ [50]

What products are made in China?

what products are made in china?AnswerSTUFF

When was China made?

3,500 BC. is when China was made into a country.