Are lions and tigers related more or lions and cougars?


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Tigers and lions. Cougars are related to the smaller cats more than the big cats.

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Lions and tigers are in the same genus - panthera. The cougar is in the genus puma.

The question as written makes no sense. Tigers are related to tigers by virtue of them being the same thing (Reflexive Principle). Lions and tigers, however, are more closely related to each other than either is to cougars.

Yes, lions and tigers belong to the same genus of Panthera while the cougar is in the genus Puma.

All the animals mentioned in your question are members of the same genus (panthera) and closely related. None are closely related to cheetahs or cougars, however.

No. Tigers and lions are very close relatives, both are in the genus Panthera.

Tigers are more aggresive than lions.

Lions are bolder than tigers, but tigers, being lone hunters, have to be more cautious. Tigers are more powerful than lions on average, however.

There are mountain lions, also known as cougars or pumas. See the range map on the Related Link listed below for more information:

No..Tigers are much more endangered.

Cougars, lions, tigers, and bears usually like to hang around sycamore trees because they provide more nutrients and shade for the animals.

There are many differences, but I will list some main ones: Tigers are larger. Lions have manes, but tigers don't. Tigers have orange and black fur, lions have sandy color fur Tigers are more powerful lions hunt in prides, whereas tigers hunt alone lions are more agressive tigers teeth and claws are longer than a lion's lions can roar more than twice as loud as a tiger tigers can jump higher Tigers love water more mature tigers can kill crocidiles every time, whereas some mature lions are killed by crocs. Since they live in prides, a lion's success rate in hunts are higher than a tigers Lions run faster than tigers Only the Siberian and Bengal tigers average larger than lions. Tigers are just as fast as lions, both cats can run to 35 mph.

no lions a faster because they are stronger and more flexible than tigers and lions move their feet faster, even the scientist say that so lions are faster runnerslions are stronger faster and more aggressiver than tigers

Yes, they relate in many ways. First of all, lions and cougars/mountain lions are both felines (cats). Both are carnivores. Both give birth to live young. Both have canines and much more.

They are members of the same family but belong to different genera. They are related but not closely. Jaguars are more closely related to lions, tigers and leopards.

No..There are only between 5500 and 6000 tigers in the wild, nearly 70,000 lions.

Tigers are heavier in weight and are more muscular. They have black stripes across their bodies. Lions do not have stripes. The male lions have large manes around their heads. They both have very different habitatslions are smaller then tigers

cheetah, lions, tigers,

The tiger has a striped coat, the lion has a pale yellow brown hide. The Siberian and Bengal tigers are somewhat heavier and longer than lions. Lions are a bit taller at the shoulder. Male lions have a mane. Tigers have slightly longer canine teeth and claws. Tigers are more prone to swimming than lions. Lions are normally social, where tigers usually hunt alone.

Wild cats include such animals as lions, tigers, cougars, and bobcats and none of them are particularly friendly towards humans.

Tigers have stripes, while lions are a tawny buff color. Male lions have a mane, while tigers have a ruff of fur around the face. Tigers are longer, more muscular, and are usually heavier than lions. Lions stand a little taller at the shoulder. Tigers legs are heavier, and they are more agile than lions. Tigers are without a doubt more aggressive than lions, and in hybrids between the two the tiger gene is dominant. Lions live in groups called prides, but the tiger is for the most part a solitary hunter.

No. There are more lions than tigers. There are 2 known major subspecies of both lions and tigers. Lions - The African Lion & The Asiatic Lion Tigers - The Bengal Tiger & The Siberian Tiger There are around 600 odd Asiatic lions left in the wild. There are around 1200 Bengal tigers left in the wild. Siberian tigers too range around 1000 individuals. The African lion is the most populous of the 4 species. Thousands of them are alive in Africa

I personally think lions are more dangerous because they are the king of jungle.Another reason is that tigers are pets at some houses but to keep a lion you have to think........

Yes, although they are more commonly known as Mountain Lions.

Bengal, Siberian, and Indo Chinese tigers often do. Other tiger races are somewhat smaller than lions.

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