Are lions stronger than bears?

I think the bear is stronger. Its 2 times bigger, meaning larger muscles. Though the lion is mostly likely to be more agile and faster being a cat. Anyways, its such a bad idea to be around either when its not feeling so friendly, since they are way way stronger than the strongest human.
Depends on the bear. Lions may be stronger than panda bears and red panda bears, but not against grizzly, brown or polar bears. A black bear may even be stronger (though slightly) than a lion.
No. Bears weigh from 500-1800 pounds, while lions weigh 500-550 pounds. A single bear, like a brown bear or a polar bear, could kill an animal like moose and muskox, where a pack of lions sometimes has difficulties bringing down a buffalo. If the bear is injured or is in a bad health condition, then a lion might have a better chance to kill it.

Another Answer

Yes. A pack of lions are definitely stronger than a single bear, no matter what species.