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Lithium: No Sodium: Yes Potassium: Yes Rubidium: No cesium: No

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How many potassium ions are needed to bond with phosphate ions?

Three Potassium Ions are needed to Bond with one Phosphate Ion.

What battery is needed for 139.53681B?

2032 3V Lithium Battery

Is potassium healthy?

Yes, potassium is healthy. Also, if you ever needed some carrots, beans, bananas etc. contain potassium.

How many grams of lithium nitrate will be needed to make 250 grams of lithium sulfate?

Answer=408.47 250Li2SO4/109.89Li2SO4/2x4x89.774 4LiNO3

What temperature is needed to decompose lithium carbonate?

At 1,300 degrees Celsius, lithium carbonate decomposes into lithium oxide and carbon dioxide gas. The equation for this decomposition is: Li2CO3 --> Li2O + CO2

How many potassium ions are needed to bond with a phosphate ion?

This process requires three potassium ions.

What is needed for the contraction cycle of muscles to continue?


What is potassium needed for?

it is need to keep a plant alive

How much potassium is there in french toast?

As much as there is needed.

How many moles of iodine are needed to react with 5 moles of potassium to create potassium iodide?

Since molecules of potassium contain only single potassium atoms, molecules of iodine contain two atoms, and moles of potassium iodide contain one atom of each element, 2.5 moles of iodine are needed to react completely with 5 moles of potassium.

How many electrons are needed to gain or lose in potassium?

Electrons lose in case of potassium. It looses 1 electron.

How many moles of potassium chlorate are needed to give 1.50 moles of oxygen?

The answer is 1 mole potassium chlorate.

What is the role of potassium in muscle contraction?

Potassium is needed for smooth skeletal function during muscle contraction. A lack of potassium can often lead to muscle atrophy.

How many moles of N2 are needed to react with 0.500 mol of Lithium?


What mass of water is needed to react with 32.9g lithium?

51.2 g H20

How many electrons are needed to fill the outer shell of lithium?

One electron

How many moles of potassium chlorate are needed to produce 15 moles of oxygen?

Assuming a decomposition reaction with this equation: 2KClO3(s) --> 2KCl(s) + 3O2(g), the ratio is 2:3, and if you produce 15mol O2, then 10mol potassium chlorate are needed.

How many atoms of Lithium and Fluorine are needed to create the total charge of zero?

A Lithium ion has a charge of 1+ and a Fluoride ion has a charge of 1-, so Lithium and Fluorine pair in a 1:1 ratio.

Is potassium good for photosynthesis?

Yes it is, it is needed for seed production.

What makes potassium element important?

It is needed by living organisms.

What is the formula for patassium dichromate?

Potassium dichromate - K2Cr2O7 Potassium ion is K+. The dichromate ion is Cr2O72-. Two potassium ions are needed to balance the -2 charge of dichromate

What cold medicines can you take with lithium?

my doctor told me that if i needed cold medicine to stop the lithium for a couple days to take care of the cold, flu, sinus infection.

The energy needed to power the sodium potassium pump is provided by the?


How much potassium is needed to grow oats?

1.45lbs per bushel

What primary Nutrient needed by plants also has a metal form?