Are love and obsession the same thing?

Love is about being honest with each other, enjoying one another and respect. It's loyalty and commitment to each other and also, trusting that person so each of you can have "head space" when you need it. E.g. If you wanted to on a vacation with your girlfriend(s) and your boyfriend trusted you enough to go and vice-versa.

Obsession is an emotion based on insecurities. This type of relationship is a plaque with doubts and questions that don't have answers because the channels of communication have never been completely open and a genuine sense of trust doesn't exist. You become this obsessed person's possession and they will shower you with gifts (flowers, candy, jewelry, etc.) even on the first date. You can tell if you are with a person that is obsessed over you if you don't feel like you are spiritually, mentally and psychologically moving ahead in your life around this person and they have stunted your growth into making you a dysfunctional person. They want all of your attention and will try to get you away from family and friends and they can be extremely suspicious of whom you were with and where you have been. The person will make you feel doubtful and you begin to feel smothered and that the relationship is not beneficial and may cause you to do things you may later regret. If you find it difficult to communicate with this obsessive person (he only has eyes for you and doesn't even realize your problems, never mind yours) then you need to move on.



Love and obsession is not the same thing!Obsession is an act of NOT letting go..on the other hand, love is THE act of letting go...Obsession is SELFISH, love is SELFLESS..There is a huge difference with these two!