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Technically speaking, no. The Collegeboard will keep your test scores from all test dates on record under your Collegeboard account and profile (unless you specifically call to cancel your scores in the event of a calculator malfunction or illness during testing). This means that if a college asks you to send all of your scores (yes, they CAN ask students to not use Score Choice), you will have to send those low scores.

However, colleges like to make themselves look better when they can. (They have to report the average SAT scores of their incoming freshman classes to US News and World Report for ranking information, and they also have to provide data to profile books like the Princeton Review. Of course, higher numbers make them look more selective!) Colleges also like to help you out in the admissions process. So most of them are willing to look at only your top scores. This can be either from test date to test date or even from subject to subject.

For example, if you score 520 math/ 400 reading/ 560 writing on your first test but a 600 math/ 510 reading/ 420 writing on your second, a lot of colleges will ignore the lower math from test 1, the lower reading from test 1, and the lower writing from test 2. Some colleges (Tufts) have a computer system that will automatically select the highest scores you enter on your online app. These highest scores are the only ones the admissions officers will ever see, as the system hides all other scores for you.

In general, try to do well on the SAT. It's an important test that plays a huge role in college admissions/ scholarships/ etc. But if you do poorly on one section or test date, don't stress. Most likely, an admissions officer will ignore it if you retest better.

Good luck.

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Q: Are lowest test scores dropped for repeat testing on the sat 1 test?
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